Wednesday, January 2

2012 Books

I am a bookworm. I love reading. Though it is something that is hard to find time to do when I have 3 littles running around and 1 that I part-time homeschool, it is something that I am intentional about making time for. There is just something so great about curling up to a good book with a cup of coffee in my hand.
Last year I shared this list of books with you.
I thought I would again, share my favorites of 2013 with you.
2012 Reading List:

So there it is.. my list of great reads in 2012. All the images are linked to their Amazon page incase you are interested in ordering a copy of your own. I have a few books going right now for 2013 that I am LOVING!! I am re-reading When Helping Hurts and I am about to finish Start Something That Matters. I got Start Something free with a pair of Christmas TOMS that I ordered. If you got this book this holiday it! It's so good!
Also my TOP recommendations... though I LOVE all of them and it is really hard to single out a favorite in this group without feeling like I am cheating on them all... my top recommendations would be Circle Maker, 7 & Love Does. 


  1. love this! all of those (except heidi baker, need to read that!) would be on my list. 1 i haven't finished and 2 i have but haven't read i need to get on it! and i feel like re reading all of these books this year! such good ones!!

  2. I've got Praying Circles around your Children on my list for 2013 and will now add the others! Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. I needed suggestions just like these. Have not read a single one. Thanks a million! XOXO, Mandi

  4. Wynne, Chantel & Mandi Thank fo reading! Chantel read it you will LOVE it!! Wynne - YES!! read it!! ALL of Heidis stuff is fantastic!!! Mandi - I hope you enjoy them! XOXO

  5. hey lady!
    a few things:
    1) I have seen/heard/read about Love Does for the past several weeks now, and seeing it on your list of recommendations, I'm convinced I must read it now!
    2) just found you, thanks to your link on Ashley's blog "The Vanilla Tulip". I can't wait to follow along!
    3) have a lovely night...or day, depending on when you read this. :)

    1. Kristin! Hi! Thanks for popping by and leaving me some super kind words!! You should definitely grab a copy of Love Does. It is an easy light hearted encouraging book. Filled with some pretty amazing stories of how love isn't just a feeling, Love Does things!! Its so great!


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