Monday, January 21

Eat: Meal Plan Monday

Ok. Here's the deal this week. We are moving and I am not cooking.
At all.
I can't even think about it. I have decided we will be eating out every dinner. Which I am sure is going to get old by tomorrow but cooking in chaos sounds even worse.

I don't have a menu plan for this week because  our menu will consist of...

Jason's Deli
Smiling Moose
Pizza Hut (YES!! We eat pizza!!! Ha!)

You get the picture...
Convenience foods!
I need a whole lotta convenience this week. And grace.  At least with convenience foods you CAN make smart choices. Know what you are eating and how many calories you are putting in your body.

Here is my usual order from each of these places:

8 Count Grilled CHICKEN Nuggets
160ish calories
Side of Fruit (medium = 70 calories)
Diet Lemonade
Their fries are amazing but I can't justify taking in 390 calories (for a small fry) so a side of fruit it is. Now I am a sauce person! I LOVE sauce. I could eat most sauces with a spoon especially the Chick-fil-a Sauce mixed with a little Buffalo Sauce. To. Die. For. But that Chick-fil-a sauce will get cha. Its 140 Calories PER package!!! I used to eat 3! Now if I do a sauce I just have the Buffalo Sauce. Its spicy and delicious.

Jason's Deli
Spinach Wrap with a Side of Fruit.
I usually pass on the Blue Corn Chip. To many calories and to much fat.
Occasionally I will have the Salad Bar and a cup of their Chili. Their Chili is a beef Chili but it really good. And a healthier option.

6 inch Wheat bread with every veggie on it. No meat. No cheese. With Honey Mustard as the dressing. No chips.
About 185 Calories.

Smiling Moose
Smiling Moose is one of our favorite little deli's here. We go every Sunday after church. I usually build my own Sandwich on their Multi grain bread and get Lettuce, Tomato, Purple Onion, JalapeƱos, Avocado and a Buffalo sauce for the topping. Its yummy.

Pizza Hut
I dont know the exact calorie count on this meal but I think it is roughly 150 calories a slice. We always order a veggie lover's pizza sans the cheese. Surprisingly without the cheese is sooo delicious. I love it! You should try it.

So there you have it. My super gourmet, fancy menu line up for the week.

Hopefully next Monday will hold a better Menu. Something healthier and homemade. We will see what this weekend holds.

Is this real? Please someone tell me No!!! It isn't so!!!

Link Here for source and other weird "foods". 


  1. I love your EAT posts! They have seriously changed the way I think about meal planning making better decisions for what I put in my body. I'm so thankful for any tips you share and your rock!

  2. love to see what you eat at those places - gonna be hard to go out into the world & try to eat good! ha

  3. mmm! I could live off of those restaurants. My husband and I love eating at restaurants that share calorie information so we don't totally derail our healthy efforts. love your blog!


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