Wednesday, January 30

Eat: Meal Plan Monday...err Wednesday?

There we have it.
It is Wednesday and I forgot about Meal Plan Monday. I am just going to play it safe and blame it on the move and not the fact that I am unorganized and lack discipline in committing to things long term.
Is three weeks long term?
Better late then never I suppose.

Monday I didn't cook. We celebrated a sweet friends Birthday that night and we enjoyed some Carinos. It was delicious.

Tuesday I got back in the kitchen. It felt so great to cook a yummy plant based meal again. Something I knew my body wouldn't try to reject an hour after eating it. That is no fun. We had a yummy whole food breakfast. The kids had a yummy almond butter-banana-honey sandwich for lunch and for dinner I made Eggplant Parmesan. It is one of our favorite meals. I found the recipe here.
Wednesday (Today) the kids had Sweet Potato Pancakes. They love these. I find them in the freezer section of a Natural food store here. For lunch we had Wraps and Sandwiches from an Organic/Natural restaurant and for dinner we will be going out. It is my sweet husbands birthday so we will be going out to celebrate him. I cant wait.

Thursday night we have been invited over to a friends house for dinner. I am so excited to see what she prepares. She and her husband are also on a plant based diets and her husband praises her cooking every time I see him. I so excited.

Friday night I am making Taco Soup. It is my little Beckham's favorite soup. He could eat his weight in this stuff. Here are is my recipe.

Taco Soup
1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can red kidney beans
28 oz. can diced tomatoes with juice
1 can of mild rotel
4 oz. can of diced green chiles
1 package of taco seasoning
1 package of dry ranch dressing mix (it contains milk)

I drain most of the juice from each can of beans and combine all the ingredients in a big pot and let it simmer until hot and ready to serve. I usually serve it with some crushed up multi-grain chips on top and a spoon full of guacamole. Its delicious and feeds many.

Saturday my mom is cooking dinner for Phillip to celebrate his birthday. Her cooking is always amazing. Saturday morning I will be making Vegan Pancakes for the family. Its a favorite. When I dig up that recipe I will post it. It is simple and delicious.

And as of right now I have no plans for Sunday.
What does your menu look like for the week?


  1. I have such a love-hate relationship with meal planning. I love the results but hate the planning/shopping. :) It really does make life so much easier. I just got a huge crockpot cookbook which I am hoping will streamline my planning AND prep. I'm so glad to have found your lovely blog...and look forward to reading more! 100th follower! Woot! :)

  2. Mmm... I may try a variation of that taco soup recipe soon. I'm eating mostly plant-based foods this month, and that looks fantastic!


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