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Eat:Meal Plan Monday

Ok...Here we go! My first "Meal Plan Monday" post. I am absolutely not organized enough for this! I am scattered and unorganized but I am going to put all the effort I have in these little posts. So here we GO!

First off...7 years ago I did not know how to cook. Like... at all. I could make Raman Noodles, Red Baron Pizzas, Macaroni, scrambled eggs and an assortment of things made out of SPAM! You know...the weird canned meat?! If you can even call it that. You can sliced up that stuff and serve it on bread, with crackers, by itself or you can slice it and fry it! And did you know that you can make Spam Salad?? Its kinda like Tuna Salad but tangy-er and cheaper. I made this one day for Phillip when we were dating. He nearly puked but ate it to not hurt my feelings. What a sweet boyfriend he was. Ya'll its gross. I shredded that Spam with a cheese grater and whipped it up with some Mayo Salad Dressing, stirred in some Dill Pickle Relish and sprinkled some Grated Cheese on top. Slapped it between 2 pieces of white bread and there you have it... A Spam Salad Sandwich! Appetizing?!
After that my cooking progressed into frozen pre-cooked breaded chicken breast alongside some mashed 'tators and gravy and macaroni. Occasionally some spaghetti and if we were lucky a salad. Then it got a little more sophisticated and I used cookbooks.  Needless to say it has been a fun 7 years of trials and errors. I learned that I do LOVE to cook.

This last year as I mentioned here, we have gone Plant Powered or Vegan. Whichever you prefer to call it. It was a semi easy switch. It takes mind power and a willingness to just DO IT. It also takes a great deal of re-training your brain to know what REAL food is and you have to teach your taste buds what REAL food tastes like. You have to learn to read labels (which I am STILL learning) and you have to be familiarize yourself with what your body actually needs to survive and where you can get these elements.

For DO NOT need to eat meat to get enough Protein! There are PLENTY of protein rich grains and beans to meet the appropriate amount you need. Like Quinoa, Beans, Lentils and a wide variety of Vegetables and Fruits.
I hope by now that you have watched at least 1 of the videos I posted in my precious Eat. post. Start with Forks over Knives if you haven't. I am NOT a nutritionist nor am I dietician. Like I said before, I am just a momma who has read some blogs, some books and watched some documentaries about food and has become hooked on this way of eating.
Any way now for my Menu...Here is the line up... Click the Image to view better... I am still trying to figure out how I want to share these! Bare with me:)

Here are the recipes for some of the Menu items. I get a lot of ideas off of Pinterest so if you just click the image or the link below the image it will take you to the recipe site!

Lentil Loaf - Meatless Meat Loaf
NOT my image

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatos (These are so yummy!!)
Image from

Qunioa Stuffed Poblano Peppers So good!!! We just leave out the cheese! 
The Sushi we will eat if just from a local Sushi Bar. It's not Vegan but it is LOW cal and solo yummy!!! A food I cannot live without! 

Creamy Cauliflower Potato Soup. I orginally got this recipe from my friend Jami! It is sooo good!! It is on a constant Family Rotation. You will LOVE this!! Best soup EVER!! 

Follow my Pinterest board here to follow recipes that we have tried and approved of! 
 If you have any questions about any of these meals or how we eat, please dont hesitate to comment below or email me! You comments and questions make these posts so much easier and productive for me. It helps give me some direction. I hope you try these meals and LOVE them like we do! They are easy and my kids approved them so they must not be too bad. 
Bon App├ętit. 

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