Wednesday, January 9

Favorite Things.

I thought I would take some time today to share some of my favorite things with you. I love seeing and reading about what everyone likes and learning about new fun stores, online shops and fun crafty projects. I love seeing what inspirers people and what makes them happy. So here are a few of my favorite things/places.

It's no secret that I find joy in crafting. It is therapeutic to me to make something beautiful. Something that I can look back at and say "hey I did that!" and it not look too bad. A lot of people don't craft because they say "oh I am not creative enough to do that." Well since the birth of Pinterest, even your dog can be creative. Every time I am on Pinterest my creative juices start flowing. And my wallet gets a bit thinner. I always feel so inspired as I scroll through all of the pretty "pins". I seriously didn't know what I did on carpool lines, drive thru lines or grocery lines before Pinterest. If you haven't joined, you should. Its a real time zapper! But so handy. Find me. Follow me. jennaknight

It is also no secret that I adore supporting small businesses and local business. I love all the little shops on Etsy. It is such a great place to go when you want something handmade, personal, creative and unique. You can find beautiful vintage pieces and new homemade pieces. Here are some of my favorite things on there right now.

Click on the images to go to visit the shops!
There is another little gem of a shop that I just recently discovered that I am really enjoying. Pick Your Plum. Heard of it? Each day they sell something different. I have purchased from there 3 times. And their stuff is marked down 67% from retail cost so it is crazy affordable! Love!
Here are a couple of my purchases.

Sign up! I promise you will Love it!

As far as a couple of Local stores that I adore here is my List:
For Clothing I LOVE... Pink Tumbleweed
I stole this Pic from her website. This is my go to place when I am wanting something new and fun to wear. I love the laid back casualness of this store. Some of my favorite clothes are from here. If you live in Midland you should check her out! She is always on trend and has the best accessories.

I also really LOVE Altar'd State! I used to just shop this store online but now we have an actual store! Here in Midland. The whole philosophy behind the store touches my soul. The stores model is to Give Back to the Community. You can Purchase with Purpose in this shop and get beautiful and creative things! Seriously...I could live in this store. It is boutique heaven for me. It is the perfect blend of Anthro and Urban Hipster. They are fashion focused and cause motivated.

Visit their website to learn more about their mission and to read their story. And if you live near one or you are in Midland be sure to check them out. You wont be disappointed.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite things are!


  1. Love the tent. We were looking at making a smaller one that would fold up easily against the wall!

    1. Isn't it darling?! I can see many story times in this! Love!

  2. Jenna, Thanks for sharing my teepee on your blog.

    That one is only the tip of the iceberg.

    1. I am absolutely smitten by your Teepees! I am hoping to get one soon! I cannot decide! They are all so perfect!


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