Thursday, January 17

Gotcha Day: 1 Year

Has it really been one year? One year since we pulled through those gates to bring our daughter home forever?
Has it really been one year since I stepped out of that car and bent down to kiss and scoop up the most terrified little girl I had ever laid eyes on?
Has it really been one year since I grabbed those tiny, frail little hands and said "Mommy is here! I have come for you!"?

It is hard to believe that it has in fact been one year since we pulled through those white gates that held my tiny one.
It has been one year since I scooped her up into my arms as we took one last tour of the place she once called home.
It has been one year since she said farewell to the only people she knew as family.
Oh how I wished I had savored those moments. For her.
She was scared.
We had torn her from the only security she had known. She was the most terrified little thing I had ever seen.
Heart-broken and afraid.
Not knowing what lay before her.
January 17th 2012 we drove away from that orphanage forever.
It was such a surreal day. As she cried, while snuggled in my lap on the drive to the guest house, I whispered sweet reassurances to her.
That she would never be alone again.
That she is loved.
My heart was full.
I was holding a tangible testimony of Gods faithfulness. He says he sets the lonely in homes.
This day.
I saw and experienced that promise from God fulfilled.
He promises that he restores and redeems. This last year, I have seen restoration and redemption.
I have seen a broken, scared little girl blossom into a fun, joyful, loving and precious child. She is a testimony. A testimony of how faithful and good God is. A reminder that He is faithful and that He sees us.
Emerson is a gift from The Lord. I don't know why God has allowed us to be the parents of this amazing child but he has and I am forever thankful.
You will never find a sweeter child then my sweet Emerson. She is sweet, tender and kind. She has a servants heart and really cares for people. Emme is also funny and has the most contagious smile and laugh. She captivates everyone she is around. We are in love, head over heels with our sweet one. And I can't believe it has been a year since she stepped out of that orphanage into our arms forever.
I can't wait to celebrate her tonight with our family and with her little Ethiopian friends. God has been good to us and I can't wait to live all the memories to come.


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Emme! I've loved seeing y'all's story come to fruition!

    1. Thank you for encouraging us and following our story!! XOXO

  2. We are adopting two kids from Ethiopia and this was very encouraging. Before we know it, we will have had our kids home for 1 year. I want to cherish every moment of this journey.

    1. Rachel! I am so thankful you found encouragement in this! You are right! Before you know it they will be home for a year! It FLYS by!!! Cherish every moment. Every details. It goes too quick. I am excited to connect! I am hoping over to your blog now! XOXO

  3. happy gotcha day emme! it's been a joy & honor to watch you totally blossom over the past year!! we love you!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day!! Starting this process in the next month once our baby turns 6 months, so nervous and excited. Thanks for sharing your family is beautiful!

    1. Allison. How exciting!! Are you starting the process to adopt from Ethiopia? Or Domestic? It is a beautiful life changing journey!! So glad to connect! XOXO

  5. LOVE YOU!! hope you guys had fun celebrating. precious girl. this makes my heart so, so happy.

  6. How amazing! What a gloriuos story of God's goodness and fullfillment of His promises! Thank goodness He is not like us! Congrats to you guys and I pray little Emerson never changes and continues to grow into an beautiful servant of God - giving and doing for God's people!!

  7. loved reading this, even got a little teary eyed. we're in the process of adopting our first child(ren) and I love hearing such amazing stories from an adoptive mother...

    1. thank you for your kind words!! Where are you adopting from? How exciting!!

    2. so sorry im just now seeing this! we adopted two kids from foster care here in the US :)

  8. Amazing to think where life will lead us in one year! We don't know who our child is yet. So, I try to capture moments and then wonder if this is a moment I will remember forever, because it is the day our little one was born! It will be amazing to see where our family is a year from now! Lord only knows!

    Happy Gotcha Day! Happy Forever Family Day!


  9. beautiful story jenna!! love her name - might steal it & put it in my "future-baby-name" jar. don't worry - she'll probs be 18 by the time i marry & have kids :)


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