Sunday, January 6


We kicked the first weekend of the New Year off with a bang!
I have the worst ear infection ever! (those stinkin' things HURT) and Beckham woke up the other night puking.  We move in 2.5 weeks and I am behind on all of our homeschool stuff and class resumes on Tuesday.
I guess you all know what I will be doing tomorrow...Sleeping until 10:30 and teaching.
But you know what...I have JOY and I am focusing on having, being and showing Grace and I have been really intentional about how I am spending my time. It is only the 6th and I am already being reminded of my "words" for 2013. Funny how God lines things up to work things out in us sometimes. He's so clever.
Though I am 'behind' in some areas I have decided that it is ok and life will be just fine. Life is not an emergency and its ok if laundry is sitting for a couple of days in a big heap on the laundry room floor while I lay around crying about my ear and it is ok that my kids are eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because we are out of veggies. They aren't really eating oatmeal for every meal but they might if I don't break down and actually go to the store tomorrow! 

I have been meditating on Grace since I decided it to be my 'word' of focus for the year. There are so many angles you can look at 'Grace' from.
I feel like right now God is trying to teach me to have more Grace in the mundane. More Grace in the midst of messes and in the brut of sickness and craziness. And more Grace with myself in these moments.
Life is so short. These moments with our children, and with our spouses are so short. Each day like a blink. A breath. I refuse to let anymore days slip past without embracing the beautiful in each. I refuse to let the sun give way to the night without me fully breathing in the sweet moments the Lord has blessed me with. To waste this time without leaking an ounce of God's Grace would be foolish.
I want to encourage you to look deep, focus hard and find the beautiful in your day. To find the calm in the chaos. To feel the peace in the storm. And to find energy in the mundane. Let Grace surround you. Let it flow with your words. And let it leak out from your touch.

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