Tuesday, January 8

NYE. Kid Style.

What a fun New Years Celebration we had!!!

We decided to do things a little differently this year. Finding a sitter is always stressful on New Years Eve. Everyone wants to go out. I don't blame them. I want to go out too!
This last year (2012) I have been trying to be really intentional (one of my words from last year was present-I wanted to learn to be present and intentional in every moment) about being a better mother and making memories that last a life time with my kids. I have started new traditions and made a big deal out of things that seem so small. But the kids LOVE it and honestly I have fallen in love with it too!

In my quiet time one day last winter, while complaining about how frustrating and chaotic life seems with kids, God reminded me of how short and sweet this time with them is. They only have one childhood and I would hate for them to grow up and all they remember is a crazy yellin' momma who was annoyed by them.
Instead I want them to remember a young momma who got in the dirt.
Swam in the pool.
Painted with her fingers.
Let them help in the kitchen (even though it is unreasonably messy when they help).
I want them to remember a momma who ran with them, road bikes with them and who genuinely loved being with them.
Now...most of the time I don't naturally want to be this way. I like MY time and I like to be ALONE. I am an introvert and being alone... off by myself... is something I really enjoy. I dream of going on a vacation alone someday! Ha!
This is where my 'flesh' rises and I when I need Jesus to help me be this mom that I want to be for my kids. I want Him to get the glory in my parenting. And trust me... I desperately need Him.

With that being said....we decided that we would make New Years Eve fun for not just us but for our kids too!  And fun for ours friends with kids and their kids!!
For our first New Years Party Kid Style we had our friends Wynne and Stephen over and of course sweet Camp and Asher. It was low key and great for our first try! I cant wait to invite more next year. I am pretty sure there will be 5,000 kids there because for some reason we all feel the need to have more babies or adopt. Seriously! Just between my 5 friends I hangout with a on a regular basis there are like 21 kids! LOL!
Right after Christmas I got busy googling and searching Pinterest for fun party ideas for a kid friendly New Years Eve party!! There are so many creative people out there!
Here is what I came up with:

My crafty Banner:
I just bought some cardboard pre-cut triangles from Hobby Lobby, threaded some yarn through the holes and added Scrapbook stickers! Boom! There ya have it! A Banner!

Edible Party Hats:
I saw this little idea on Pinterest and knew my icing lovers would LOVE this activity!  Decorate your own Party Hat!!
Activity Bags, Clock Cookies and Party Bags:
I found this idea on Pinterest and so I made these hourly activity bags (out of brown lunch sacks, I traced the rim of a glass and marked the clock face with a marker punched some holes and tied on some ribbon) that had a little note with what we were doing for that hour and a little gift from the Dollar Tree in them. Along with some Midnight party bags with little kid firecrackers in them. I also made these Clock cookies! These were probably my favorite part! They turned out to be really fun!
One of our activity bags had glow stick swords in them so we had a mini glow-in-the-dark sword fight! The kids loved it...until the swords broke 30 seconds later! HA!

We also had a Dance party, played a board game, had a fun photo shoot, answered a 2012 questionnaire and watched some pretty hilarious YouTube videos. We cant have a party without a little YouTube action! We also enjoyed some bubbly and some kid appropriate bubbly!

Finally we had a Midnight Balloon Drop after we watched the Ball drop in NYC. I got this idea from google images but later found an awesome pin on Pinterest that explains what I did but better! I wish I had of found this before!!

It was such a fun night! I was worn out the next day but it was definitely worth it! I have so many ideas for next year. I cant wait! You can follow my Pinboard here for more inspiration if you want to throw one of these epic parties next year. It was worth the late (LATE) nights I stayed up crafting and it was most certainly worth the sugar rush from all the treats. Such fun memories! Here's to many many more!
Pop over to Wynne's blog for more pics and details of this fabulous party. 


  1. Love this! What fun memories for the kiddos!

    1. Thanks!! Fun memories indeed! It was worth all the work and time put into it!

  2. This is so cute. What a fun idea with the balloons!

    1. Thank You! I think it was the kids favorite part they asked all nigh when it was time to pull the string! HA!

  3. oh, friend. you are so stinking awesome. love love love your craftiness and your heart to be a fun mama. love it. such an inspiration. love you!

    1. Thank You Dear Alison!!! Crafting takes me to another place! I LOVE LOVE it!!! Love you!

  4. I can totally relate to the top part of your post Jenna, as a fellow introvert I also want time to myself and have been trying to be intentional about getting down and playing with Raeca.

    Your NYE party looks like a blast, can we come next year? :)

    1. It's hard to always want to be social being an introvert isn't it?! LOL. You should totally come next year!!


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