Friday, February 8

Five Fun Facts

Why not?
Why not have a Five Fun Facts Friday.
I am all outta whack with my little blog land these days. I mean I guess going through a what wasn't supposed to be a big remodel but kinda seems like its turning out to be a big remodel and living with your father-in-law (we are entering week 3) while also part-time homeschooling without all of our normal daily supplies and just stuff, kinda gets to ya after awhile.
I'm ready to be in my own house. To have all my things back in order. To not have to run 5 million errands. To have dresser drawers to put my clothes in instead of laundry baskets and boxes. I'm ready for my kids to not be sharing a queen size air-mattress and sleeping in sleeping bags. I'm just ready for some normal in my life. I know it will be worth it. Many well meaning friends have reminded me of that. Your words are kind. But it's ok to say "yeah that sucks!" Sometimes it better to be sympathized with and not reminded of how worth it, it will be.

So despite all my Debbie Downer-ness I thought to get outta my funk of share some fun random facts about myself with you.

1) I hate when my bones touch other people's bones. It sicks me out. Not like finger bones more like shin bones or knee bones or wrist bones. Any hard or knobby bone really. It makes me shudder thinking about it! Phillip loves to torture me at night by rubbing his shin against mine. It's horrible.

2) I secretly love to like icing off of a spoon. This is a terrible habit that my lovely sisters have taught me. Growing up I HATED sweets. Unless it was apple or pumpkin pie. Now I get major cravings for sweets. Like icing. I never finish a jar. When the craving starts I just buy one jar! Open the seal, stick a spoon in and slowly devour it and chunk the rest. One spoonful does the trick. Until next time.

3) I am a major procrastinator! I always wait until the last minute to do anything. Although I am a planner at the same time. I plan things out. Every detail. But I wait until the very last hour to execute those plans. It's a horrible and frantic way to live I don't recommend it. But rest assured, if I have only a day or two to complete something, you will get my best work! I work better under pressure.

4) I have a freckle on the palm of my hand that every nail tech and each of my kids thinks is dirt. They all try to scratch it off until they realize that "oh that's really on there." There's one on my toe just like it too. I giggle every time.

5) I am the oldest of my sisters. Though, the one in the middle has always bossed me like she's my momma. Always. But I love her and need her tough love in my life. My youngest sister shared a bed with me until I got married. I love her. She is weird and quirky like me.

So there ya have it. Five Fun Facts about me on this lovely Friday.


  1. last year we were in between like y'all for 6 months, and it absolutely sucked! I almost had a nervous breakdown-the stress affected me worse than I ever imagined! hang in there!

    1. I mean I guess it could be worse. At least I have a house to live in and one on the way. It just sucks to be so outta your normal ya know!

    2. any situation can always be worse, but its also ok to accept that something is rough. :) and being in between, pausing life like you are, is rough! :)

  2. These are so cute, thanks for sharing! I shared a room with my sister for most of my life until I moved to California 3 years ago. And licking icing from a spoon is heavenly.

    xo, Courtney

  3. Love this post. Always fun to learn the little ins and outs about someone. :)


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