Friday, February 1

Share the Love

I am so thrilled to be partnering with my new friend Lyndsay of Pink Coffee Photo and 13 other lovely ladies for Share the Love 2013. Lyndsay had a wonderful idea about how we could Share the Love this month. Since well...It is the month of LOVE.
Here's how it works.
Starting today, February 1 and ending on February 14 (LOVE day), we are going to be...
Sharing the Love.
Wondering what that means? Let me tell you.

Share the Love simple means...
Loving those around you.
Your family, your friends, your neighbors, your pastors, your co-workers, your classmates, your children's teachers, total strangers....
You get the picture right?

Basically we are setting aside 14 days in the month of February to be intentional about loving those God has put around us. We are dedicating these 14 days to being intentional about meeting the needs of others, doing random acts of kindness and surprising those in your life with, well... LOVE.

There are few things more gratifying then simply Loving and Serving others. It fulfills something deep in my heart.
As believers we are called to love. I feel like this is why when we go out of our way to Share the Love and love people with our words, time and gifts it feels so gratifying. We are acting in obedience to the call to LOVE.

I am really excited about this challenge. This last year the kids and I did something similar during the month of December with our Christmas Angel. You can read some of those posts here + here . (I posted more in my IG feed) I always love and appreciate the opportunity to teach my children how to love.
How to genuinely love and how to be intentional about recognizing the needs of others around them.

I am praying that this will become more of a habit for my family and not a seasonal challenge. I am praying that with these baby-steps we will learn to be mini Christ's in this world. Living a life of servanthood and LOVE.

My personal goal is to do ONE act of love EVERY day until Valentines day.
Some of my ideas include:

  • Baking yummy treats for friends
  • Sending the kids to school with little gifts for their teachers
  • Leaving a little gift for our mail person
  • Paying for someone's coffee or food in a drive thru
  • Loving my husband 
  • Loving my children
  • Sending something to my sisters

Those are just a few. Another FUN detail about this challenge is that you DON'T have to be a blogger to be apart of this FUN Share the Love challenge.
If you have a Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram you can join in on the Share the Love fun and use #sharethelove2013 hashtag to share you photos with everyone else doing the challenge.

Can you imagine what it will be like for us all to join in and begin to be intentional about Loving those around us? What would your community look like? What stories would you have or hear?

So here's the deal. Follow me and my other girl friends on their blogs, twitter and IG feeds to see their acts of kindness in their community and share yours with us. And let's meet back here on the 14th, the Day of Love, to hear and share our 'Share the Love' stories.

Are you excited? Are you ready?
Remember to use #sharethelove2013 and remember to HAVE FUN LOVING!!!!

Go Share the Love.


  1. I love how you said you hope this becomes a habit more than a season challenge. I agree! Excited to be doing this challenge with you!

  2. Jenna, I love how you explained this and your ideas are so good! Thank you for doing this with us!!

  3. You mentioned your mail carrier--you're in luck! Monday is "Thank a Mailman Day." Perfect!

  4. So excited to be sharing this experience with you girls! Can't wait to here how God is going to bless :)


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