Monday, March 4

Want A $200 Anthropologie Gift Card???

Fourteen of us bloggers have gotten together to bless one of you with a special treat!
We're giving away a

$200 Gift Card to Anthropologie!!!

There is only one mandatory entry.
We just want you to let us know what you would spend the gift card on!

And the other entries are bonus entries to up your chances of winning!

The giveaway ends on March 15th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I tried to enter. It wouldnt let me type the entry in.

    1. All you have to do it click the mandatory entry in the rafflecopter graphic and leave a comment here telling us what you would spend it on. Then after that all of the other entries will pop up and just click on as many as you want.

  2. I would definitely be getting stuff for our new home! I love me some Anthro!

  3. I posted a comment this morning, but I don't see it now... Just in case, I will be purchasing home decor if I win! New house here we come!

  4. I would purchase a summery outfit!

  5. I could spend all $200 on their candles and be a happy girl!

  6. For Christmas we received an Anthro duvet I've been loving, but we couldn't afford to purchase the other matching pieces like the pillows and dust ruffle, etc. I would love love to be able to purchase the other things with this!

    xo, Courtney

  7. I would probably buy clothes and some kitchen stuff...all from the sales wrack! Even with a gift card, I have a hard time spending full price there.

  8. hands down, i would buy the "ayden sandals" or the "dipped mint hobo" (it has a purple lovely!) :)

    how sweet of all you girls!

  9. I would definitely get a new bed covering. Our sweet kitty ;) ruined our comforter about a year ago, so we have just been using blankets instead of buying a new one. Had to save money for our adoption =)

  10. Some fun bath accessories for my new guest bathroom. I like to pamper my guests :-)


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