Monday, May 6

Bloggy Blah.

Double Blah.
I am in a slump.
I blame it on busyness.
I hate busyness. It sucks the life and creativity right out of me. When life is fast paced I loose sight of the beautiful simple things in life. I struggle to find things that inspire me.
When life is busy, simplicity dies. I love simplicity.
Simple life is the best life. I enjoy my days in the slow lane. Zipping here and there. Running everywhere. It just isn't my thing.
I dream of lazy summer days. Rising around 9. Lingering around the kitchen. Sitting on my porch with a good book and sipping iced coffee from a mason jar. Packing a little picnic and soaking in the rays of the hot west texas sun by the pool. These days are waiting just around the corner and I will welcome them with big open arms.
This summer holds a lot of adventure. I cant hardly wait.
We will close the month of May with a mini beach trip and an exciting graduation.
We will welcome June with a 12 day trip to Africa. Phillip and I leading a team of 9 from our church to Uganda+Ethiopia. We are partnering with Wynne and her hubby and their Man Up and Go team.  Our teams have merged and we couldn't be more thrilled about this adventure.
The last month has consisted of meetings, planning, fundraising, Instagram sales, Designer sales etc. It has been a whole lot of busy. A couple of weekends ago, we made a little over 800 brisket burritos for a fundraiser at our church. We chopped brisket for 5+ hours and the next day we spent 6+ hours rolling those burritos and pouring 8 gallons of salsa into little 1 oz. containers. Let me just say...we wont be doing that again anytime soon. But God did show up and he blessed all of our efforts. We made $3,900 that day. What a blessing.

We leave for Africa in 32 days. We still have alot to do between now and then. Our team has a total of $9,100 to go before we are all fully .
If you are interested in helping send us. I have several really fun options that I will post about later today or tomorrow.

Stay tuned.
In the meantime I will be sitting here drinking my coffee and praising God that this is the LAST week of school for us! Summer...we are ready and waiting!!!

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