Wednesday, June 26

I need Africa more then Africa needs me.

Have you ever heard this quote?
It is a common quote circling through and commonly used by people who are connected to the mission field in some way or who are adopting from Africa and have been there before.
It sounds cliche because of the over usage (you know like hit song that plays on the radio 20 times in one hour) but it is so true and its a good one.

There is something captivating about Africa. Africa in its whole. And each individual country. Each country inhabits their own unique brand of people and culture. I have only been to 2 African countries so I can only speak for 2 and tell you that they could not be more different. Both incredibly amazing and special yet both so very different.

And I need both. Both have changed me and helped graft me into the woman I am. Both have shifted my perspective on so many things and both have inspired me and have sparked something alive in my soul. I need both.

Phillip and I had the opportunity to take a group of 9 people from our church (Mid Cities Community Church here in Midland TX) to Uganda and Ethiopia the week of June 4th-June 17th. We partnered up with a team of 7 that was with the Man Up and Go movement led by my dear friend Wynne and her husband Stephen.

I cannot thank God enough for allowing Phillip and I to lead and be apart of this group of people, to take them to Uganda and Ethiopia, to meet the people we met there and to be apart of the stories he is writing. It was/is a tremendous blessing that I will be eternally grateful for. While it was hard and at times was the best trip ever.

I cannot wait to share the stories with you. To write them all down so I have them forever. To share them so others can be inspired to GO....To say yes! and be mobilized.

Ashley O'brien.....why are you not in this photo????

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  1. I was either crying in a corner over my phone being gone or I was back at the guests house nursing a fever and a sore throat. Hard to say for sure, but I'm pretty sure I was sick that day!


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