Tuesday, August 27

Back to School. 1st Grade.

School started today! Woohoo!!

This is "round 2" of 1st grade for us. We feel more confident then we did last year and we are ready to own it.

We got the same teacher we had at the beginning of the school year last year. (We held parker down after Thanksgiving break for those of you who are just now following our story. See here.)
It was honestly the best decision we have ever made for him. Even though he still reminds me from time to time that he is really 'supposed to be' in the 2nd grade.
I am sure I will get this every year until he graduates. Oh well kid. It is what it is.
I am still confused this year why God is calling me to this particular style of education. When I look at myself I don't not see the typical "homeschool' mom. I am not the weepy mom on the first day of school I am the one bolting to my car yelling "HALLELUJAH!!!" on the inside. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE time for myself to do my own things and time by myself.
Selfish? Maybe...

However I do recognize that my children will be adults and have children of their own someday and that this current season will be over way too fast. I am told that one day I will sit in my quiet house. No kids, no noise and no mess and I will cry. I will cry and long for the day to hear Mario in the background and I will long to be running my sweet babes to and fro.
It really is a beautiful season and it is a beautiful life.

Congrats to you mommas whose kids started school last week, this week and next week. I pray that all of our kids have the BEST year yet and that their little minds and hearts flourish.

PS...I have about 5 Arica posts I will be posting with the next few days. This summer got away with me. But it has been great being somewhat 'screen free'.

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  1. this made me tear up! just thinking about the day when our homes are quiet. maybe we should just keep adopting and then our homes will never be quiet? yes? happy first day to parker!


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