Wednesday, August 28

Uganda Day 3: Karamajong

We did so much in Uganda in such a short period of time that it is hard to blog every detail. So hard. But this day was really special. By this day our team was really exhausted. Jet-lag was catching up to us and we were feeling weary but we had a FULL day of serving ahead of us.

(I may have had a few little melt downs here and there but who's saying anything anyway)

We started off by going to church. Church in Uganda is very different then church in America. These people don't just sit and attend church. They get into it and they 'do' church.  And church isn't a 'rushed' hour and fifteen minutes. It is anywhere from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. I might have fallen asleep 3 times during the service and then the spontaneous worship and dancing would jar me awake. The congregation would jump up and dance and the praise team would play a song anytime the Pastor made a REALLY good point. I couldn't understand anything the sweet pastor was saying. His accent was thick. But I am guessing by the 3 spontaneous worship breaks during the sermon, he must have been bringing the house down!

That is our team leading a worship at the Ugandan church!

After the service we ran by the hotel so we could caffeine up. Coffee in Uganda is TERRIBLE.
Seriously. Its gross.
So I was not only jet-lagged but I was also having coffee withdrawals. Not a good thing.
I was edgy and shaky and I have never been more thankful for a nice bottle of Coke.

After we got our caffeine fix we went on to visit the Karamajong tribe. This place wrecked me. It ripped my heart out and I fell in love. The children, the women, the babies... they were so beautiful and so excited to see us. I would consider this tribe to be barely reached. It is a tribe that is being introduced to Jesus but hasn't been populated with many missionaries. This tribe is a tribe of "outcasts". They are the "unloved", the "forgotten", the "shunned" and they come from all over Uganda. The children were desperate for our affection and attention. They were almost aggressive about it. Fighting over who would get touched or hugged next.
I wish I could have held all of them.

Above Photos by Whitney Ray. 

We broke up into 2 teams to minister to the people more effectively. One group went with the children and ministered to them while the other half went to minister to the widows. I, as well as Phillip, Stephen, Tim, Ashley, Jessica W and Megan were on the widow team. We each went down the line and shared truth with them. We shared the Love of Jesus with them and told them how valuable and how cherished they are to their Father. Their creator.
(I didn't share...I was too over come with emotion)
We each then prayed over very specific things that the crowd asked us to pray for.

Prayer over spiritual warfare

They didn't want us to pray for earthly things. They were wanting the things that God can provide. They wanted more of Jesus and what he had to offer.
After praying we went and prayed over a few people specifically.

One woman grabbed my hand and asked for me to pray for a husband. For a husband who would love her baby that she had as a result of rape. The precious woman gripped my hand and asked me to tell God that she needed shelter and money to buy food. She needed a husband to provide those things. She couldn't do it on her own.
After pleading with the Lord to see her right where she is at and asking him to provide supernaturally for this woman, His daughter, she asked me to ask God to heal her baby. I reached my hand out and touched the face of this tiny baby. It could not have been more then a couple months old. As I touched this babies little face all I felt the intense heat coming from it. This baby had the highest fever I have ever felt with my hand. His/her eyes were tinted a deep yellow color where it was supposed to be white and its mouth was dry and its body was slightly trembling. This poor thing was deathly ill. Here in the middle of this village. With no doctor around and no protection from the elements. I pleaded with God, the Great Physician, our Great Healer,  to save this baby. To restore its body. To bring his healing touch. I have faith that that sweet baby is alive and well today with no trace of sickness or disease.

Moment like that change you.
It changes you perspective.
It breaks your heart.
It makes you hunger for the Power of God.

Moments like that make you seek the Kingdom with urgency. For days I dreamed about this baby. Maybe one day I will see that sweet child again.

After visiting the Karamajong people we went for a little team treat at King Fishers Lodge. It was awesome. The perfect way to end our hard work in Uganda. We took a boat tour on the Nile and ate some Yummy food. It was perfect to sit and relax before heading to Ethiopia the next day.

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