Tuesday, September 3

Goodbye Summer

Yesterday was the last day of Summer 2013.
Sad day.
For us Labor Day marks summers official end.
Although... here in the Texas desert we have a couple more months of sweltering heat.
This summer was fast and full of adventure and memories. Here is our summer via Instagram: follow me on Instagram here.

We got to host some children from the Mwangaza Children's Choir (Uganda!) and their lovely chaperones who are from the UK!

My oldest cousin got married.

My youngest sister in-law graduated High School and so we took a road-trip down to South Texas, visited the beach and watched her graduate.

Two days later we left for Africa!!

While in Africa we found and met our daughters birth mother. (Story coming this week!!)

One day after returning home from Africa we left for Phoenix Arizona. (I do not recommend driving 12+ hours after returning home from Africa. Its terrible)

We celebrated the 4th of July with my family out at my parents house.

We also got to celebrate the adoption of this beautiful girl this summer!

My big boy lost his first TOOTH! and shortly after lost the one next to it!

My little guy turned 5!!! Cannot believe it! He had a rad Ninja Turtle party! And we celebrated his birthday at a lawn concert on the day of.

Took a roadtrip to Dallas to attend the Declare Conference with this girl! Good times my friend!

Our amazing Pastors wife (and on of my BFFs) hosted an amazing women's conference!! It was really one of the greatest most encouraging conferences. I felt recharged and encouraged when I left.

My Big Boy started 1st grade again! We are really excited about school this year.

And my littles started TODAY!

I love summer.
I love lazy days by the pool. Sleeping in until whenever. Sleepovers with the kids friends in the middle of the week. I love the freedom to travel whenever. I love the warmth of the sun. I love the warm evenings sitting outside watching the kids on our street play soccer until its completely dark.
Summer always hold fun memories and lots of adventure. But I am looking forward to fall.

Crisp cool air. Boots and scarves. Pumpkin flavored everything. Warm scents of cinnamon. Changing leaves. Everything about fall is glorious in its own unique way and I am ready for it!

What are your favorite things about Fall? 

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  1. such a fun summer!!!!! but excited for fall!!! boots, scarfs, football, cool weather, coffee dates with YOU on PDO days!


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