Friday, October 4

The Gift of Grace & Freedom

What a treasured gift this is.
I need it daily.
Today, yesterday, the day before. Everyday really. But especially the last 3 days.
Phillip has been out of town this whole week. Which normally I can handle. I am pretty laid back and I like to think I am pretty self sufficient. But this week has definitely tested those traits. I have been whispering "GRACE" over and over to myself. Funny how many times I have needed to remind myself about grace this year. Since however, it is one of the words I felt like God was wanting me to focus on in 2013.
Grace has been a key role in my life over the last 10 months. I have needed it more and I have needed to give it more.

Freedom has also played a huge role in my life over the last 10+ months. I have craved it. Longed for it.  And I have searched for it. I want to fully feel the Freedom that I have in Christ.
This weekend is Freedom Weekend at our church. Phillip and I have been going through a Freedom course for the last 8 Sundays at our church. It has been amazing, hard, eye opening, humbling and encouraging. God has been dealing with some junk from my past and digging things up that I thought I had been freed from but I haven't. There are even some current things that the Holy Spirit is walking me through. There are areas where I need healing and mending and I am THANKFUL for a savior who is gentle, tender, faithful and does such things.
He heals.
He delivers.
He mends.
He gives grace.

I have been listening to worship songs about our freedom in Christ on repeat this afternoon. My current favorites are:
Antioch Live's - I Will Raise
Shane & Shane - Liberty
Bethel Live - Freedom
Jesus Culture - Freedom Reigns
Kim Walker - Break Every Chain

This week we have been preparing for Freedom Weekend. During our preparing, I have felt really under attack and really distracted. I feel like the enemy has been trying to exhaust me so that I wont go or so that I cannot focus.
I am thankful a Saviour who has already won this victory and this weekend we are claiming it.

I have so much more to say about freedom and what God has been doing in my inner life over the last 8 weeks.
But for now...I will leave you with these encouraging quotes I saw on Pinterest today. They caught my heart and spoke to me. Maybe they will speak to you also.
 photo 5539c7899b14a66cde300d45a9193bc0_zps6e849739.jpg photo fef4a1447351d958c0277f6ac0354739_zps3ff69af3.jpg

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