Friday, October 11

Thursday's Thoughts on Friday

As I sit on my porch with the crisp morning wind blowing through my trees, I am over come by the glory of God's goodness.
By His faithfulness to sustain all things.
As the branches of my oak trees gently sway with the push of the dry crisp wind and as little leaves begin to fall to the ground, I am reminded that with the crispness of Fall, the cold Winter will soon come. Then, as the chill of the Winter air is lifted, new life be will on the horizon.

Just as the darkest night will end in sunrise, the coldest of Winters will end with Spring.
Old leaves must fall from their branches to make room for the new. The ground must grow cold for  roots to dig deeper. What a gift it is to be able to sit under God's creative design and watch season after season new life come.

Much like the seasons, I often find my life changing. Its a constant revolve. I go through seasons of old dying off, making room for the new to come alive. I praise God knowing that through the shift in seasons in my life, He is there.
Sustaining me.
Making my roots dig deeper.

Just as Psalm 55:22 says, when we cast our cares on The Lord, He will sustain us. Never letting the righteous be shaken.

Through seasons of bitter gusty winds that threaten to knock us down, rip off our branches, and through the calmness of the promising Spring.
He is there.
Growing us.
Sustaining us.
Bringing new life into our souls.
 photo 1391547_10153310461580024_731196818_n_zps08488dd5.jpg This photo has nothing to do with this post. I just thought you might get a kick out of the joy Oxlee had from shredding on of my Outdoor pillows and scattering millions of goose feathers across our yard. And I mean MILLIONS. He was so proud.

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