Tuesday, October 29

Weekend Favorites

Some weeks fly past me leaving me bewildered in a whirlwind of dust wondering ...
"what in the world just happened?"
The last week has been a week just like that. It left just as quick as it came. My boys went fishing with Phillip and their Papa and Emme went to my moms for a girls weekend while I traveled to Ethiopia with one of my best friends. We spent three days in Ethiopia looking at schools, houses, grocery stores and eating at almost every American(isn) restaurant we could find. My friend and her family have been called to move to Ethiopia. This trip was an exploratory trip. A trip for vision and confirmation.
I had a blast showing her my favorite things and introducing her to some of my favorite people. The trip was a blur. I don't recommend traveling to Africa for only 3 days. You will come home feeling like a train hit and you might just have to boss, your bossy friend around in the Germany airport a bit to  keep her from having an emotional break down. It's no joke... You might just have to. :) Aside from being delirious and sleep deprived we had fun and I can't wait to see her family blossom during their Ethiopian adventure.

 photo IMG_4798_zpse572ee9b.jpg  photo IMG_4801_zps8a906dbc.jpg  photo IMG_4885_zpsd041196d.jpg

After our travels I was welcomed home with a weekend full of celebrations. It has been a week of my favorite things.
1) Starting the week off in Ethiopia
2) Seeing Beckham score his first soccer goal
3) Watching my friend marry her Ethiopian husband that she met on our mission trip back in 2012
4) Celebrating the 1 yr gotcha day of my favorite Ethiopian babies!!

 photo IMG_4928_zps170fff5c.jpg  photo fampp_w797_h530_zps81d16b66.jpg
(above photo courtesy of Wynne)
It was a great, blessed and full week/weekend! What were some of your favorite things about your weekend?

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