Tuesday, November 12

11 Things I am Thankful For

During the month of November, Americans are more intentional each day about acknowledging what they are thankful for. Myself included. Each day our Facebook feeds and our Instagram feeds are flooded with words of Thankfulness and Appreciation. I wish more days, in other months, were as intentional about recounting our blessings and proclaiming our thankfulness.
I too am at fault for overlooking and taking lightly my daily blessings and thankfulness. It is easy to forget all that we are thankful for.
So today, I am Thankful for a holiday and a month that is centered around Thankfulness. I am thankful and refreshed by reading what my real life friends and my social media friends are thankful for in the present. I have felt inspired by their beautiful pictures and their beautiful words. Many have challenged me to find thankfulness in the mundane, the plain and the simple. Thankfulness doesn't have to be found in the big blessings, the flashy or the grand.
Thankfulness can be found sitting on the curb of the sidewalk listening to the laughter of your children running free, barefoot and dirty. Thankfulness can be found folding the thousandth pair of socks that cover the toes of the children that God has blessed you with. Thankfulness can be found in the middle of a battle or in the middle of darkness because your faith lies in a good God who will bring you through and turn the ugly into something lovely.

Each day I have been trying to be intentional about finding something in the normal that brings me joy and bring me to thankfulness.

Day1: Christ's Freedom
Freedom photo IMG_4994_zps814e00ad.jpg

Day2: A table full of family gathering for breakfast
 photo IMG_4998_zps6a919607.jpg

Day 3: Adoption and for a Sunday where churches and Christians gather together to be one voice for one purpose to stand up for those who need us to say YES!
orphan sunday photo IMG_5024_zpsda4bcc41.jpgDay 4: For a husband who loved the Lord with all of his heart and MIND and who love to equip others on how to defend their faith.
equipping photo IMG_5029_zps56f33803.jpg

Day 5: For the Holy Spirit who is whispering to my sons soul and for a son who loves the lord and strives to live to bring him glory
conviction photo IMG_5031_zps587399e0.jpg

Day 6: For story time with our kids
 photo ScreenShot2013-11-11at123941PM_zpsdf4b4ff3.png

Day 7: for random bits of encouragement
encouragement photo IMG_5093_zpsb21b4a08.jpg

Day 8: Delicious Food trucks :)
 photo IMG_5098_zps146c11d2.jpg

Day 9: An amazing soccer team. It's rare to get this many amazing families on one team. We are blessed.
soccerteam photo IMG_5157_zpsc27cd69f.jpg

Day 10: Christmas Lights. I LOVE Christmas lights. I wish they could be up longer. 
christmas lights photo IMG_5168_zps9b4ea331.jpg

Day 11: Date nights with my big. This kid made me a mom. He has my heart and he touched my soul deeply. He is a wise old soul and I love being his mom.
date with parker photo 1450302_10153455890250024_51003534_n_zps19bd5910.jpg

What are some things that you are thankful for? 

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  1. thankful for redemption and where we are in life and the growth that this past year has brought us, thankful I got to go back to Africa again this past summer, thankful my parents are going next month(!), thankful for my health after multiple back surgeries, thankful for a hubby who loves me through the good/bad/ugly, thankful for our little pup. :)


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