Monday, November 11

Not About Me November

 For the month of November has been hosting a series title
"Not About Me November".
 photo 4886891_orig_zps78a20c6e.jpg Can't we all use the reminder that this life is not about us but rather about making the invisible God visible? I sure can.  I love what Laura has to say about the series...

"I believe as we train ourselves to think through the lens of it just not being about us, it will begin to change the way we think about a lot of things and begin to change how we act and even what we are investing so much time and energy into that really are just not worthy."

This month as I prayed about what to write about, I felt God leading me in the direction of parenting. I have learned a lot about parenting over the last 7 years. I am still learning. I certainly do not have it all figured out. But one thing that God has taught me, is that parenting is not about me, it is about Him.
 photo 923157_orig_zpsa46bf955.jpg
When I first became a mom (7 years ago) I found myself in a place of great dissatisfaction and discomfort. I was in a place where I was feeling heavy amounts of criticism, judgment and disapproval. Most of it was in my head but some of it was actually expressed to me in some very awkward face-to-face conversations. Knowing that there was more or, at least hoping that there was more to parenting then just raising well mannered, healthy kids who, dress too adorable for words and who follow perfect "eat, sleep, play" schedules and can count to 20 and spell their names before they are two, I began to search for more. In my search for more, I found that I was parenting to make myself look better. May parenting was beginning to be about me, my comforts and what everyone else was thinking about me. Although, I don't think I ever admitted this out loud, when I look back on some of my early parenting moments, there is an underlying motive of self. I had a deep desire for everyone else around me to be pleased of the way I parented my child.

After my second son was born, I felt empty. My parenting felt shallow..... 

to read more about what God taught me about parenting and how it is about Him and not me, click HERE

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