Saturday, November 16

Purchase with Purpose Part II

I hope you are in full holiday mode! We are over here! This past weekend we put up our Christmas lights and I have been officially bitten by the Christmas Bug. After the lights went up, I began dragging a few of our Christmas decorations. And with Christmas decorations, come the Christmas tree and what is a Christmas tree with out beautiful presents to sit beneath it. So needless to say I have kicked off my Christmas shopping this year.
I thought for the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I would continue with sharing some Purposeful Purchasing ideas with you on. From Fair Trade to Handmade, to Homemade baked goods. You can see my first list here.

Here are this weeks items that I am loving: tomsbagwatch photo PurchasewithPurpose2_zpsd0ce6414.jpg 1. Nepal Boots by TOMs 2.Noonday Bag 3. Kids watch

Happy Shopping!

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