Wednesday, November 27

What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
This question has crept its way into several conversations over the last 6+ months. It's a simple question that had me thinking one morning.

What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail? 

I made a list silently in my head that morning. A number of little things began to fill my list such as write a book or poetry maybe, paint beautiful paintings for people, run a marathon, hike up a mountain etc. And then, a still small voice whispered "speak".  I might have gasped out loud from the thought of myself speaking.  I am not a speaker.  I have a deep and troubling fear of people. It may not be people themselves that I fear,  it may be the possible rejection, heckling, and judgement that I might would have to endure if I were to ever speak publicly.  I shuttered at the thought and quickly dismissed it.
That was late May of this year.
In August, Lynette Lewis came and spoke at the women's conference our church hosted. Lynette was incredible. She was utterly inspiring and she delivered challenges that refreshed and recharged my soul. After absorbing all she had to say about dreaming and achieving goals that seem unreachable, I found that question rising up frequently in my times with the Lord. Each time I would ask Jesus "What would you have me do, if I knew I couldn't fail?" Each time I asked, "speak" was the answer delivered to me. Each time I trembled slightly with anxiety and "No Lord. I cannot do this" would be my response and I would again dismiss the thought.

A couple months later I found myself sitting amongst some friends discussing some of our personal dreams each of us had, and ways we could be intentional about accomplishing them. When it came time for me to share the dreams I had, I felt that all too familiar tug from the Holy Spirit to admit what he had been whispering to my soul for several months. I had yet to acknowledge this whole "speaking" thing out loud. But there I was sitting with some of my dearest friends about to tell them I dreamed, somewhere deep down,  of doing what I feared the most. I dreamed of "speaking".

About two weeks after getting this dream out in the light I accepted an opportunity to be a break-out-session speaker at the upcoming Missional Womens Conference in Denver Colorado this coming April.

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I am facing my fears head on. I have finally submitted this to the Lord and I can honestly say, that I am getting really excited!  I will be speaking on International Missions and how it can fit into anyone's busy schedule and how going on the mission field has changed my life.

This conference is going to be amazing.
It is a conference for women of all ages and seasons of like and it is designed to help you be intentional to think through how God built you and how you can steward it for His glory. It is to help you discover and live out how to use your gifts and strengths for making God known and for the expansion of His kingdom.

You will get to hear from women (myself included) who are living on purpose for God's glory, be led in worship, have life-giving discussion times with incredible women and you will leave with resources to help you take the next step and you will be encouraged through God's word. 

The conference dates are April 11 - 12. The ticket prices is $119 which includes all the meals, sessions, concert and an all access digital pass. However...for Black Friday, we are offering...
 50 early bird tickets at only $89!!!! 
These tickets will go on sale Friday morning at 6:00 am (MST).  This is an amazing deal people!

I hope that you will come to this conference and maybe bring a friend or two along with you. I promise you will walk away feeling inspired and equipped to live on mission with how God has uniquely built you. Plus...if you come to my break out session you will get to be the first people to see me take a giant leap of faith and conquer one of my GREATEST fears. Who wouldn't want to miss that?

Be sure to visit the conference website here for more information.
If you have further questions, comment below and I will see if I can help answer them.
I hope to see you in Denver in April!! 


  1. so proud of you and honored to be your friend! way to go wtih following your dreams and conquering your fears! love you!

  2. So cool, Jenna! I have a similar fear, and I was able to speak at our church a few times; it was so awesome to step into God's calling in that realm. It was so out of my comfort zone, but so rewarding. You will do great!


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