Tuesday, December 31

And to Think...The Best is Yet to Come

 What a BLESSED and FAST year 2013 was. Here are some of our favorite moments from 2013:

 photo IMG_0063_zps0d9a6532.jpg photo IMG_0474_zps8aa96544.jpg photo IMG_9131_zps856c1f43.jpg photo IMG_2229_zps532c81ff.jpg photo IMG_2188_zpsfbffb69c.jpg photo IMG_2408_zpsb334e4b6.jpg photo IMG_2795_zpsa81595f5.jpg photo IMG_2870_zpsea548495.jpg photo IMG_2868_zps4584a130.jpg photo IMG_2866_zpsd3ac4f65.jpg photo IMG_3334_zpsf534b33c.jpg photo IMG_3419_zps601c2fef.jpg
 photo IMG_3807_zpsc73597e7.jpg photo IMG_4005_zpsd535feeb.jpg photo IMG_4479_zps746eb089.jpg photo 1391547_10153310461580024_731196818_n_zps08488dd5.jpg photo IMG_4798_zpse572ee9b.jpg photo IMG_4928_zps170fff5c.jpg photo IMG_5265_zps4187a485.jpg photo IMG_5579_zpsa2dd3277.jpg photo IMG_5801_zps03413f97.jpg photo IMG_6218_zpsd6c20a11.jpg

Whew!! What a year! So many adventures and many memorable and cherished moments. And to think....The best is yet to come.

Goodbye 2013 you were fantastic!!!
Hello 2014.
We welcome you with open arms, ready feet and anxious hearts. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us this year.

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