Wednesday, December 18

Buck Eyes a Holiday Treat

For the last couple of Christmases, the kids and I have made some goodies for our neighbors, teachers and friends; to be delivered with a warm message sending Christmas Cheer. Homemade gifts are some of my favorite things. Especially homemade baked goods. I LOVE receiving them and I LOVE giving them.

This year I made Buck Eyes, also known as, Peanut Butter Balls. These little guys have been floating around all over Pinterest this year. They are the easiest things to make and they are DE-LICIOUS. So I thought I would share the recipe I used with you all today. I found this recipe HERE.

Here is what you need:
  • 2 c. smooth peanut butter
  • 3/4 c. butter (softened)
  • 3 3/4 c. powdered sugar
  • 3 c. crushed rice krispy cereal (measure out 3 cups then crush them
  • 1 lb. chocolate almond bark
How To Make:
  • mix together the peanut butter and butter. Mix until blended together
  • add in the powdered sugar and the rice krispy cereal
  • once all combined spoon out and roll into balls. 
  • melt the almond bark and dip the balls into the melted chocolate.
  • remove with a toothpick
  • place on wax paper or foil until chocolate has hardened
  • fill cute little containers full of the Buck Eyes to be delivered with Love to friends, family, neighbors etc. or find yourself a nice quite place and indulge in some all alone. I may or may not have done this. I will never confess. 
 photo 1of17_zpsdc3913a8.jpg

Make sure you have coffee and phone in hand. These are essential parts of baking.

 photo 2of17_zps53dfa272.jpg photo 4of17_zpsc428a560.jpg
 photo 5of17_zpse448d9c9.jpg photo 7of17_zps86241f48.jpg photo 8of17_zps0ec3cc28.jpg photo 10of17_zps1921ca65.jpg photo 12of17_zpsc11fcf94.jpg
 photo 13of17_zpsdd2d42eb.jpg photo 15of17_zpsa2b0f4aa.jpg photo 16of17_zps887b8ce6.jpg

I found these super cute Santas and Michaels craft store last week for only $3.49. I didn't know how many Buck Eyes would fit into each Santa belly so I only bought three. I did however grab a few super cute airtight canisters from Walmart last week also for only $2 a jar! Not Bad! I think I fit about 15 Buckeyes into each container. This recipe yields a lot. I had about 10-12 Buck Eyes left over. They didn't last long around here. We can't wait to whip up another batch.

 photo 2of2_zps8743007f.jpg

I owe a HUGE  THANK YOU!!!!! to Wynne and Alison for being my photographers for this post! What would I do without my little photog friends who help me make my posts look beautiful? THANK YOU!!!
(Make sure to check out Wynne's blog here and Alison's blog here for their yummy recipes!!)

We had the best time hanging out around my kitchen drinking way to many pots of coffee, eating way too much sugar all while talking about our dreams, goals and things that are going on in our life. It is so refreshing to put everything on hold for an afternoon and gather in your kitchen with some of your best friends. Especially during this crazy Holiday season.

This baking day was a good day. A day that I wish to have again and again. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in our own errands and our own things that we tend to loose sight of community.
Life is found in community. 
Life happens when we are connected to people and when people are connected to us. It is when we open up and love on another and begin to share our hearts deepest desires and our biggest screw ups, that we actually begin to LIVE.  This day was a truly great day where life was lived out loud, covered in butter and powdered sugar, right here in my kitchen.

As you read our recipes and our stories, I hope you feel encouraged to have a baking day of your own. If you do please share it with us! We would LOVE to see what you make. Maybe you can grab a couple of girlfriends and have a day like ours, in your kitchens, living life and breaking (or making) bread together. 

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