Thursday, December 26

Merry Christmas

 I say this each year but each year I really can't believe that one more Christmas has come and gone. December FLEW by leaving me in its dust exhausted and feeling really fulfilled, blessed and loved. I tend to get sappy around this time of year. Everything about the holiday season is dreamy. (except being sucked dry financially...I think we have new plans brewing for next years gift giving...)
Today has been a day of organizing all of the kids new stuff and clearing out some of the Christmas decor. Oh and maybe stuffing our faces with left over holiday food and desserts. I am definitely looking forward to a cleanse soon! As in tonight maybe. These holiday pounds have over stayed their welcome.

Here are some highlights from this years Christmas:

 photo IMG_6012_zpsa9219cd4.jpg photo IMG_6109_zpsacff3247.jpg photo IMG_6038_zpsf5b24e91.jpg photo IMG_6107_zps91df40e0.jpg photo IMG_6093_zps5c5f47bd.jpg photo IMG_6108_zpsd730ebaa.jpg photo IMG_6084_zps386d47d2.jpg photo IMG_6106_zps5c435569.jpg photo 1525631_10202782807395516_963466960_n_zps2efeb4d1.jpg

I have no words for the above photo other then... we try to have LOTS of fun when we are together. It has been a great Christmas. We are so lucky to be able to spend it with all of our family, especially Phillips sisters who came to stay with us this year! Until next year....

 photo blogcard_zpsf8c4d63a.jpg

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