Friday, December 6

The Christmas Angel and Kindness Elves

Our Christmas Angel has come to visit again this year. Our kids were thrilled to find her nestled warmly on our fireplace mantel. Each morning they come down the stairs searching high and low for her. I love hearing their questions of wonder from my bedroom. Upon finding her they run quickly to my room wanting me to read what act of kindness she has for them that day.
day1 photo IMG_5623_zpsfc4d31b0.jpg
day2 photo IMG_5633_zpse3147e85.jpg day3 photo IMG_5651_zps48d29c15.jpg  photo IMG_5682_zpsa335bd06.jpg

I slacked on days 5 and 6. Its like I hit a wall. I have felt unmotivated and I have lacked the umph to get with it and deliver messages every day. I hate that. But I am just keeping it real.
I am human and I am not perfect. I tend to have really great intentions and then I hit a slump and feel defeated so I give up.
I didn't want this to be like that. I love this tradition. I love the meaning behind it and so do the kids. Their love for giving and being kind to others through little random acts has grown through our little angels visits. The other day I whispered a little prayer in my heart about how I needed inspiration and motivation. This morning, I stumbled across this girl on insta-gram.
They have kindness elves that come each day with a random act of kindness. I fell in love! And there is was! THE INSPIRATION I HAD PRAYED FOR!!! Angie, you have inspired me to keep going! You didn't even know it. Some how I stumbled across your feed and I am so thankful! And THANK YOU THANK YOU to The Imagination Tree. Anna is the original brain behind these fantastic little elves!
{click the link above or the image below, you too will be inspired by these little elves!}
kindness elves photo Kindness-Elves-Alternative-Elf-on-the-Shelf-Tradition-669x1000_zps7c05d767.jpg
Image via The Imagination Tree Website
If you are doing a similar thing this Christmas Season and you need some inspiration I will be posting as often as I remember too on my Instagram. I encourage you to check out blog above. Anna has some great ideas! As does Angie on her Instagram feed.

I hope your December is starting off great and you all are staying warm.


  1. We are loving our Elf and all he is bringing us this year! Thank you for posting about the Christmas Angel last year so that we would have these great ideas!

    After I posted about ours this week (, a friend sent me another link with some ideas I might use ( I especially like those because they aren't necessarily something to "do," which might come in handy on busy days!

    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Jenna it looks like you need our 25 days of messages!!! We are all human, its ok to hit a bump in the road, I hit them weekly. Head over to and sign up to receive the 25 days of message. There is a sidebar....just click it!


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