Sunday, December 1

Weekend Favorites: Happy Thanksgiving

 I hope you all had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving. I certainly did! Everytime I cook or eat this meal I often think I need my own pair of Thanksigiving pants. Anyone else?
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I love Friends.

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This thanksgiving was sweet and small. We had a last minute change of plans. We stayed here in Midland and celebrated with my parents, my sister and her husband and my youngest sister. I helped make all the food, which is my favorite.  I made my first Pecan Pie! Pecan Pie is my favorite but I have always been too intimidated to make on myself! It turned out pretty darn amazing! I also made some Pumpkin Bread, candied yams, dressing, green beans casserole and yeast rolls. There is NOTHING like traditional Holiday food. I mean... I dream about this meal!

On Friday, we drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to take the kids to Six Flags. There, we met up with my mom's side of the family. We met me aunt and uncle, my three cousins and their families. Though we didn't see much of them that day, we still had a blast. We should really plan a family reunion so we can see more then 15 minutes of each other every 3 years.

I don't have any photos of Parker and Phillip from our fun day at the park. We decided to split up. Phillip took Parker to ride all of the big scary rides since he is finally tall enough while I split off with my parents and littles. Parker rode the Titan 2 times. Brave boy!!!

Beckham and Emme had a BLAST riding every ride town in the Tiny Toon Town area. I had a blast watching them be so excited!

The next day, we woke up and went shopping. We decided to hit some of the Thanksgiving weekend sales while we were in the big MetroPlex. I LOVE shopping and I LOVE browsing. One of the most interesting things I saw while shopping at North Park Mall in Dallas was this man doing Yoga in the Lululemon window. I mean that right there takes window shopping to a whole new level! We probably stood there and watched him for a good 10 minutes. Poor guy.

Needless to say this weekend was fun and full of Thanksgiving activities. I hope your Thanksgiving was just as fun and memorable!


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  1. been waiting for a weekend update from you! glad yall had a good time! MISS YOU!


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