Monday, December 9

Weekend Favorites.

We were iced in this weekend. Well for the first part of the weekend anyway. On Thursday, all the kids had early dismal from school because a HUGE ice storm was blowing over our part of Texas. We have the strangest weather. We were cooped up in our house all day Thursday and all of Friday. (except Phillip and I went to a dinner!!! whoohoo!!) By Saturday we all had cabin fever. We decided to brave the cold (27 degrees) for a couple of hours o Saturday so we went browsing through stores around town.  Then Sunday quickly came. As much as I wanted to stay in my jammies and sleep in on Sunday, we couldn't. Parker had a part in a little program at church at 9. So we woke up, got ready and flew out the door at 8:55.

Sunday mornings bring out the worst in us. I usually end up yelling at people and things because I HATE being late and for some reason we are late EVERY sunday. And we don't even go until 11:45 normally. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Am I alone in this? Does anyone else turn into a demon on Sunday morning?

Here are some snapshots of our weekend.
 photo weekendfaves_zps9b08c68a.jpg

We spent lots of time playing Monopoly and Old Maid, we ate yummy soup, Beckham played with Oxlee in his cage for hours and we had lots of sweet snuggle moments.

How was your weekend? Blessed and full I hope!

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  1. Satan knows big things happen on Sunday! It's a common theme at our church for the moms to have issues on Sundays that don't arise any other day.


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