Thursday, January 2

Happy New Year!!

My favorite way to spend the first couple of days of a new year is sick in bed. (I hope you hear the sarcasm here) I have been sick with a virus from HELL. No lie. It is ROUGH. I have ridden it out without antibiotics. I am not a martyr or too good for modern medicine, I just HATE sitting in a clinic for 4 hours before I am ever moved into a patient room where I will most likely wait another 1-2 hrs before I am seen for a whooping 5 minutes. I just don’t have time for that as a momma and I guess I would rather drug myself with Day & NyQuil, have a pity party for myself and make people serve me rather then spend a full day in a clinic. Anyway…

I love the turn of a new year. Each new year is like a new chapter in a book. It’s the turning over of pages filled from moments the year before held, to new blank and crisp sheets eagerly waiting for adventure, life, love, memories and sometimes heartache and disappointment to be written on them.

When we talk about events in our life or places we have been we often refer to those moments by the year in which they happened.

“Oh, you remember back in 1995 on that warm February day, when I was riding bikes with my sister and a couple of neighbor friends and I flipped over the handle-bars of my dad’s bike and ripped my scalp open?? And then, in September of that same year, I drove a Go-Cart under my aunts suburban and was rushed to the hospital with severe cuts across my forehead and left wrist?” It was the year for stitches I suppose. I must of had some kind of quota to meet. (I was an accident prone child)
“Do you remember in 1999 when I had my first heart break over failed friendships, insecurities and boys?”
“Do you remember 2005? That was the year my life changed forever! I became a Mrs.”
“In 2006 I became a mom and my whole world changed again.”
“In 2007 I rededicated my life to the Lord.”
“In 2008 our second son was born”
“Do you remember 2010? It was a wonderful but trying year for us. Filled with lots of love and lots of heartache. Our marriage  was a little broken but was redeemed and restored and this was the year my husband dedicated his life to Christ. And later that year we felt the call to adopt.”
“2011 was the year that God broke my heart for people in the developing world and gave me a passion to fight against the injustices that happen to His children around the world. This is also the year that we went to Ethiopia to meet our new daughter.”
“How about 2012? Do you remember everything we experienced this year? We brought our daughter home. We battle crazy lice. We learned to love through the hard times. I returned to Ethiopia on a mission trip and was wrecked all over again.”

You see each year is a chapter in our lives. Each of them filled with many memories that have shaped us and molded us into who we are.

So when a new year rolls around I tend to get a little excited about what this brand new year might have in store for us. Where will we go? Who will we meet? What will we experience? What memories will be made?

The anticipation of these things gives me energy. It excites me and has me ready to leap forward with full trust that this next year will only be better then the last.

What are you looking forward to this year?
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