Monday, February 10

37K in 37 days // Stepan Family

 Hey Friends! Remember back before Christmas when I introduced you to the Gully Family? Through all of us blasting their story, God gave this family the resources they needed to legally adopt their 6 girls! AND SOME!!!! Ya'll the amount that all of you gave will blow your mind. It is simply unreal how amazing God is.

Well the dreamer dreamer girls are at it again. But this time, its for one of our own. Sarah and her family are adopting a little boy from China! The cool thing is, we have all met and LOVE this little boy.

I will let Wendy tell you the story below...

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“There is this amazing little man who spent six weeks with us this past summer, who stole our hearts, and showed us what it’s like for a child from across the world to come to a new place, experience new things & quickly learn that there are people who love him. We heard about hosting program’s from our friends the patterson’s who had hosted 2 little boys. We briefly discussed it and thought it would be an amazing way to share the love of Christ with a child. At the Summit Conference in Nashville I walked past a booth for new horizon’s for children, an international hosting program for orphaned children. As my eyes scanned the 200+ prayer cards I saw one little face, read his bio, text my husband & 20 minutes later we were approved to host this precious little boy. It was cool, it was crazy & it was God. It was such an incredible blessing to our family to be able to love on this little guy and include him as a family member. I HIGHLY recommend hosting. After 6 weeks we traveled to Dallas with a sad little boy, a bag of all his belongings & a stuffed monkey and tearfully watched him wave goodbye to us as he walked through security. My heart could hardly stand the thought of never seeing him again. And now my heart is bursting at the seams as I follow our dear friends who have said yes to adopting him! Eeekk!! He. Has. A . Family. Coming for HIM!”
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Can you believe it? I am so overjoyed for this little boy and the Stepans. Would you please consider being apart of this story? Let's get this little man home so he can get all the medical care and love he need. Together we can do this. If we link arms, dig deep into our wallets (skip a few Starbucks runs if you need to) and pray fiercely I believe we can reach 37k in 37 days.

Click here to read the next chapter of this sweet boys story and donate to the Stephan family adoption!
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If your in the Midland/Odessa area Sarah is an amazing photographer & is doing sessions to help raise money for their adoption!

email for more information. 

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