Monday, February 17

Weekend Favorites

I haven't done a weekend favorites post in a while. Life has been busy. Every time I hear myself say that I cringe. I greatly DISLIKE busy.
Here is what we have been up to this month so far (not just this weekend):

I went to the IF Gathering in Austin with Wynne!!! We talked the entire time there and back! We ate at some yummy Austin restaurants and even went for a little run around Town Lake Trail and then had a little shopping treat at Lululemon and Lush before heading home. It was a MUCH needed mommy get away! More on IF to come!
 photo IMG_6801_zpsf30cfda1.jpg  photo IMG_6805_zps275cafeb.jpg

I came home and sliced my thumb nearly off the next day! (more on that later too)
Here is Parker trying to match me. He drew "stitches" on to his thumb and wrapped it up just like mine. Sweet Boy!
 photo IMG_6910_zps1bc50675.jpg

We got to celebrate Wynne's babies turning 2!! CANNOT STINKIN believe those kids are 2!!!! I didn't get a pic of the babies but heres a fun (non-selfie) pic of Wynne and I from the party.

 photo IMG_6920_zps6ef1e205.jpg

And on Sunday we went SWIMMING! Yes, SWIMMING!!! The first swim of the year! Gotta love crazy Texas weather and heated pools!
 photo IMG_6919_zpsa19148b7.jpg

I am trying to get back on track blogging.  It's sorta hard when you have a 1/2 inch deep cut on you thumb. Sheesh!!

I hope your month is going great!

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  1. aww love our little weekend update ;) send me the pic of us from the bday party! we hardly have a non-selfie! love you! so blessed to get to do life with you!!


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