Friday, April 18


So lets talk "disorders" shall we?
I have this thing and it literally turns me into a physcotic person.  Or maybe a demon. 
I cannot stand crunching. 

When I am near someone and they excessively crunch their food (and slurp...OMG! just don't) something in me snaps and I have an academy award winning freak out session. My poor children. My friend Jessica was over today and she got to witness it. I should have been ashamed but I was not.  She looked at me and said "you know theres a name for that right?" 
NO!!! What!?! This is a REAL thing?!?! 
Let me introduce you to my newest self diagnosed condition...
According to Dr. Wikipedia, misophonia is literally, hatred of sound. It is a neurological disorder in which negative experiences such as anger (check), flight (check), hatred (check), and disgust (CHECK), are triggered by specific sounds. In my case crunching.  See for yourself here

So if you loudly crunch (like a chipmunk) your food with an open mouth while I am sitting next to you I might slap the food from your hand and spaz out like a crazy person, please DO NOT be offended. Its a condition, I can't help it and I need intervention. Pray for me people. Seriously. 

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Happy Crunching!


  1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! I am the SAMMMME!!!! Literally it makes my skin CRAWL hahaha! My husband thinks I'm just rude ;) But I always tell him "I am NOT literally makes my ears itch and I feel like I"m going to go crazy hearing it" HA! This just makes us instant BFF's ;)

  2. I have seriously walked out of events (concerts, plays, dinners) bc I couldn't handle the noise. I've known it's name for a while, but sadly, am no closer to being a nice person around slurping. I kicked my sister out of my house once for sucking an orange out of the peel instead of eating like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING. *skin crawl*


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