Sunday, June 22

An Unintended Break + Summer happenings

 I have taken an unintended break from blogging/writing and social media. I didn't plan on taking a break, it just sort of happened. Summer has hit and with that, comes "crazy".  We have slowed down in ways and have sped up in others. We have taken 3 spontaneous weekend trips so far. I love spontaneity.

Our first was to Austin.
We had such a great time exploring this eclectic city eating yummy food, walking around downtown and South Congress street and of course shopping.
 photo IMG_8554_zps7bda4cd2.jpg

Second, we went to Lubbock to visit Phillips grandparents.  And last weekend we went to Dallas and took my youngest sister with us.

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So far our summer has been full of trips, swimming and playdates. I love the chillness of summer. There aren't any pressing schedules or demands and there aren't a whole lot of places that we HAVE to be. Ive been trying my best to be present in the moments that each day brings. I often get teary thinking about how fast these days with little kids are going by. As I laid in bed the other night I nearly broke down into ugly crying thinking about how this is the only summer I will have with two 5 yr olds and an 8 yr old. I know that sounds silly. I love my life with these kids.

Parker asked me just the other day what it is like to be a mom. I told him that its magically frustrating and exhaustingly lovely. I told him that its my most favorite part of my life, getting to be his mom. He grinned from ear to ear.

This summer I have decided to keep going with my "unintended" break from social media and blogging. I want to embrace my days in the pool and picnics with my family.

These are the best days of my life and I don't want to miss them.
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Tortilla Face

 photo IMG_8627_zps436826b8.jpg
I always find the most hysterical selfies of Emme on my phone.

 photo IMG_8679_zps5cde7cb5.jpg
Unplanned lunch date with my big. He shares my love for health foods and Acai bowls.

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  1. jenna, I was so busy and in a hurry when I saw you at Target the other day so I didn't get to tell you how amazing you look!!


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