Sunday, February 22

Daddy... The Jungle Gym

The boys spent a good part of Sunday afternoon wrestling with daddy. They love crawling all over him. Beckham especially I think I might have a little dare devil on my hands. He loves to do tricks. Parker however is a little more cautious. Thats ok with me though. ;)

Thursday, February 19

Duck Pond Day

Phillip and I had a blast taking Parker to feed the ducks. He loved throwing the bread in the water. Some of the ducks made him a little nervous because they would walk right up to him and take the bread out of his hand. The geese however are a little aggressive and would hiss at us; it made me nervous as well. I could just see us running from a crazy goose lol

Tuesday, February 10

First Day at Mother's Day Out

Last week our church opened the doors to its new MDO program. Parker, luckily, loves it and wants to go everyday. However he only goes Tuesday and Thursday from 9 - 2 . I love and he loves it. It gives Beckham and I some alone time and time for me to get all my errands for the week taken care of so I dont have to drag Parker around town with me. The first day he went he was so excited to wear his back pack and carry his lunch pail. He was thrilled to help make his own lunch for that day.  Here is a sweet picture of him before we left the house that morning.