Tuesday, December 30

December Day at the Park

We have been so surprised at the warm weather this December. Phillip decided to take this week off of work to spend time with me and the boys before he starts school again on the 12th. So Monday we took the kiddos to the park for a picnic. It was Beckham's first time in the sand. He LOVED it. He dug himself a pretty good hole and managed to bury both of his legs and feet the only thing sticking out of the sand were his fat little toes. lol. It was so cute. Parker hate the sand when he was a baby. Any time his hands got dirty he would cry. Beckham is total opposite. he loves to be dirty. Here are some fun pics we took with our new camera.

Random Pics

Here are just a few random pics of the boys we have taken over the last couple of weeks.

Parker flying through the air from the bar stools...Safe landing... phewww!

Playing togetherParker loves his bubba so much!Parker trying to sleep on the counter

Christmas Fun

Chirstmas was so much fun this year with both of the boys. We started celebrating Christmas with a lunch at my parents house and the boys got to open their gifts from Mimi an Poppi. They got a bunch of good stuff. Phillip and I also got some fun stuff. (Thank you for the great gifts we love them.) Then for dinner Christmas Eve we had Phillip's family over for Enchilada's and we exchanged gifts and played dirty Santa. It was a blast. Everyone got great gifts. Christmas morning came too early at our house this year. I was sitting in the living room drinking my usual cup of coffee at 6Am and Phillip was still in bed when Parker came in the living room crying for a cup of water...It was too funny he stopped dead in is tracks when he saw all the loot "Santa" brought him. He said "WOW Santa thank you, thank you very much Santa." While looking aimlessly in the air. lol. He loved all the stuff he got. For lunch on Christmas day we headed over to Phillip's dad's house for some Prime Rib before we headed outta town. At 2 we left for Dallas to spend some time with my side of the family. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Beckham enjoying the wrapping paper.
Parker opening his gifts.Beckham wearing his Christmas Dinner
Gifts from Santa
Parker trying to wake up...Now he is awake and enjoying his presents.Beckhams really enjoyed his too.Phillip's family after Christmas lunch.

Daddy and Beckham loving each other.

Peek-a-boo i see you

My cousin Chelsea and I

Whoo Whoo Ta-da

Saturday, December 20

What a Saturday

We had an awesome and hilarious afternoon with Parker. For some reason we dicided it would be fun to put Parker in the back of one of his dump trucks and let him roll down our drive way into the alley... It was fun and he loved it. Then Mommy got the big idea that she wanted to do it also. Daddy captured an awesome video of mommy rolling down the driveway and belly flopping in the ally after she hit the utility box. lol. (Oh this is all going on as our neighbors our watching from their drive) Despite the skinned knees, rode rashed arm and splinters mommy continued her playing and peddeled Parkers John Deere trackor around the alley. Parker loved going for rides on the tractor. After Parker got the big idea to get his 4wheeler and zoom down the drive after a running start and face planting the concrete we decided it was time to get our big boy a helmet and shoulder/knee pads. I see many many dangerous adventures in our near future. (probably with mommy taggin along behind him)

Exhausted after a long day.

video to come.......

Date Night

This past Friday Parker and I got to go on a date while Daddy watched Beckham. Parker got a bath so he would be squeaky clean for our date. We he combed his hair to the side and picked out the shirt he wanted to wear. I have to say he sure looked handsome. I also got dressed a little nicer to match my sweet date. Daddy took a picture of the special occasion. Parker Let me drive us to the theatre and without argument let me pay... he is not giving up his quarters unless it is for a ride on Scoop at the mall lol. Parker got to choose our meal and he wanted Kung Fu Panda noodles...aka Ramen Noodles. So we had some delicious Kung Fu Panda noodles and went to see the new movie Bolt. Parker loved the movie. He did really well. We held hands the whole time in line and he kept telling me I was so very Handsome. (Awww how sweet) In the theatre he did great. He sat in my lap for a good 45 min then got tired and wanted to sit in his own seat. It kept folding up on him so he decided mommies lap wasn't so bad. Needless to say my evening with my lil man was great and I can't wait to do it again~

Sunday, December 14

Christmas Party

Here are just a few pics from our Christmas Party this year. Santa Claus visited our party also but our camera died and we werent able to get any pictures :( we didnt get any pics of the Carriage Ride through Grasslands either :( Maybe next year I will plan a little better. Thanks for comgin everyone it is always so much fun to party with you all.

Thursday, December 11

Brotherly Love

I have to say I am so proud of Parker he has really been a great big brother. He just adores Beckham and he is very protective of him. He doesn't want Beckham out of his sight and gets hysterical when he thinks we are going to leave Beckham behind. It is really sweet to see the two of them interact together. Beckham is now getting to where he notices Parker's presence. He smiles and gets very excited when his big brother is around. Beckham has started to talk back to Parker and Parker mimics the things I say to him. It is hilarious. Since Beckham came home from the hospital Parker has wanted to take naps with Beckham. He sometimes gets to the point of tears when I dont let him. He just doesn't understand the danger in it. But today I decided to go ahead and try it. Crazy right? I actually laid in the room with them for a little while trying to rest off a head ache... OK I am lying I was just flat tired :). I was never able to fall asleep so I got up and did some things around the house. 5 minutes later I went in to check on them and this is what I found...

They looked so cute all snuggled together. This is hoe Phillip and Parker snuggle on the weekends so I guess he was trying to be like daddy :). Ah my loves they are so wonderful. I praise God for them daily.

Saturday, December 6

Life Group Christmas Party

Tonight we had our life group Christmas party. It was a blast. Everyone brought delicious dessert and finger foods. I ate way to much. We also got to play dirty Santa and I got the best gift ever. A B-B Gun!!! So excited. :) The guy I stole it from was sad though:(! Phillip won a beautiful Nutcracker haha. He is such a woman. We also had a contest for which couple was dressed the most festive. Phillip wouldn't dress up with me. He is such a bum. But I dressed up anyway and had a blast.

Christmas Lights

Phillip and his buddy Abe worked so hard last Saturday putting the lights on our house. I have to say they look quite proffesional. Good job boys!
The after Thanksgiving I got down all my Christmas Decoartions and put together my tree. Decorating the tree is always my favorite. This year I had trouble though. I couldn't remember how i had all my ornaments. It was kinda frustrating but I guess it'll do.

Thursday, December 4

Poop Camp (To potty or to not Potty... That is the question)

Well we have been potty training for the last 2 weeks... ((((2 weeks))). It is exhausting yet exciting and some what sad. Sad?? Yes... I said sad. I still see Parker as my baby and it is sad how fast he is growing up. I don't know where the time has gone. I am not sure when he got Big. But I have to say I am very proud of him for trying to be a big boy and using the potty. He has grasped it some what. We still have accidents but, that is ok. It will happen. (You don't see any grown men in diapers do you?) He seems to be more responsive when I don't pressure him so much. He really likes to think that he is in control. But what two year old doesn't. Here are some pics of our recent success. :)

Wednesday, December 3

Surprise Baby Shower

Last night I threw a surprise baby shower for one of my best friends. She had no idea and it was such a blast. She brought her jammies with her because I had told her that we were gonna do crafts. Good thing her hubby didnt let her leave with them on. :) Here are some fun pictures from the shindig...

Tuesday, December 2

Beckham First Thanksgiving and other holiday fun

Beckham got to eat "real" baby food on Thanksgiving. (not just rice cereal) I gave him sweet peas and sweet potatoes!! He LOVED them. It was hard to get a good picture of him eating because he wanted to eat the turkey on his bib. lol

Parker was way more interested in entertaining everyone than eating his turkey lunch. he loved Hiding in Papa's cabinets and scaring everyone. :)

The next day we all helped out and got our Christmas stuff out and put away. the boys came out side with us too. They both had fun watching me panic over which ornaments were lost and which ones weren't. We had a blast sorting through stuff. Here are some pics of the boys enjoying their lovely Friday afternoon.

We also got Beckham a new highchair this weekend. He was a little unsure of it the first time. but I have since added toys and now he loves it.

Beckham also mastered sitting up this weekend. He can do it and he does he just gets lazy and decides to fall over when he is tired. lol