Friday, July 29

Beckham's Big Day

If you have followed my blog for a while you have probably noticed I love celebrating. I love to celebrate just about anything. If it calls for a party... I am your girl to call. Birthday's are especially important to me. I LOVE birthdays. Especially mine.  I can't seem to settle for just one birthday celebration. Birthday's around here are not just birthday's for one day we have Birthday Weeks. It is the one day a year that is centered around YOU! How great is that? I love to make my kids feel extra special on their birthday's. So this week I have been anticipating Beckham's birthday. Which was yesterday if you missed my post.

We started the day off with a Big Ole Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. His favorite. He of course ordered a yummy pancake with his favorite choice of drink Chocolate milk. He is our little milk-aholic. Seriously the kid has issues. We may need a milk rehab one of these days. Then daddy let him pick a toy from the little gift store inside the restaurant. Out of everything in there he chose a light up bouncy ball. Whew... the damage to the wallet could have easily been worse.

Don't mind my sick gym face here...I don't normally look so grungy...

Later...after the gym... We went to daddy's office to pick him up for lunch. Beckham got to explore the water in the atrium for awhile which he LOVES. Silly boy. Then he got to push the buttons on the elevator to go down to the basement to get daddy's car. Another simple thrill of Beckham's. The parking garage is a BIG deal to these boys. Then we had lunch at Strawberry Fields. My kids are weird and they love organic foods, wraps... smoothies.. salads.. you get the picture.

After nap and after daddy got home we set off for Pizza Planet... Or what most of you normal people call Mr. Gatti's. Parker is convinced it is the same place on Toy Story called Pizza Planet. We let him run with his imagination. There's no harm in that right?! We let the boys choose their special birthday dinner and naturally this is their first and only choice. Yay for mommy and daddy *sick*. Sorry if you love that place... I however cannot get myself to love it. Though we always have a great time. And sanitizing is a must upon departure. HA! It is a joy to watch the kids run wild and win tickets to redeem their way to marked up plastic cheap toys. (Really Gattis? 65 Tickets for a rinky dink set of fake metal handcuffs... come on.) 

me attempting the ski game... It is way harder then it looks...

After dinner we went and got a treat at TCBY. We love frozen yogurt and the fact that the small aka baby size is only 80 calories doesn't hurt either. My parents and little sister went with us. It was so fun to hang out with everyone. And we had a great time laughing at my dad jumbo sundae... and it wasn't even the jumbo. It was the small! 

I hope felt really loved and special on your BIG DAY! You are my favorite 3 yr old there ever was!! 

Thursday, July 28

3...How Can It Be?

The night before I delivered Beckham

 Three years ago today we welcomed our tiny little man... Beckham Ross Knight. We induced labor at 6:30 on a Monday morning and at 10:40 this little white headed 8 lb. 1 oz. bundle of love was placed in my arms.

I had no idea what to except with two little boys of my own. I had no idea what fun and rowdy blessing they are. Beckham is such joy and such a delight to be around. He is 100% boy to the core. He is rowdy, ornery, tough and at the same time the most gentle, loving and tender boy. Beckham is always doing little break dance moves or ninja moves. He is constantly have sword fights with his shadow and terrorizing Parker and Caroline (our puppy). He always has some sort of battle wound on his face. Yes his face. Of course it's never his back or his arm or his knee, it's always his face. Scars and scabs are sort like his trade mark. He wouldn't be the same without them. 

Beckham is absolutely a momma's boy. He loves to snuggle me and he demands at least 30 minutes of snuggle time after waking up from nap or a full night of sleep. We always have called his snuggling...huggling... It's really a combo of hugging and snuggling. Arms wrapped tightly around my neck and legs thrown across my lap. It is sweet and I hope when he is 16 he still likes to "huggle" me. 

One Year

Two Years

Three Years

Beckham you are such a blessing to everyone you are around. I can't wait to celebrate you on Saturday at your Lightning McQueen party. You are an awesome little dude and

I love you to the moon and back.

Monday, July 25

Celebrating Lucas Adonia

 A couple of weekends ago I had the honor of helping host a baby shower for a sweet friend. Estee and her hubby Cookie have been sweet friends of ours for a little over a year now. They have a really beautiful little girl names Elle that my son Beckham is friends with. Now they have welcomed their new little baby brother Lucas. Lucas' shower was fun to host. The theme was great and easy to work with since it's summer.

Take a look...

Congrats on your new little joy Estee! He is precious!!