Wednesday, June 24

My poor neglected Blog

I am so terrible about updating our blog these days. Between the house building project and summer activities I have lost all track of time. We have had some exciting things going on this summer. First the new house(which wont be complete until the end of August), then a great vacation and Phillip Skydiving. I have a ton of pictures to share with everyone so I will just briefly describe the events.

Parker loves to get to drive. (It must be a boy thing) So whenever we are out he gets to "drive" down our street on the way home and pull into the garage. This is a BIG deal to him. A little annoying at times but he loves it.
It is impossible for me to get a picture taken with Beckham seeing that I am always the one behind the camera. Here is an attempt at one of the two of us.
Our new house is coming up super fast. We are loving it already. I am so ready to move in. Only another month and half to go. I am super excited about having a pool just around the block. (It is walking distance from our backyard)
I took the boys to a public pool for the first time a couple a weeks ago. We met some great friends there. The pool sure helps the days fly by. And it is so nice to have a place to go where the kids don't fight over toys the whole time. This is Parker and his sweet girlfriend Lillie. (He adores her)

Last week Phillip and his partner decided it would be "awesome" to sky dive. I personally think it is crazy and would NEVER do it. Someone would have to pay me lots of $$$ to jump out of a flying plane. But Phillip did it and LOVED it he is ready to go again next week with a client and a friend.

Thursday, May 28

New house

This is what the house looked like Monday night when we got home.

Memorial Weekend

This last weekend we took the boys to the lake, which is always so much fun. Parker was so excited the whole week before to go fishing. He got a new Batman fishing pole, which he slept with every night, just for the lake. Parker also loves to ride the Jet Ski's but this time he was a little nervous. Last year he fell into the water when Daddy tried to lift him onto the boat dock. But his Aunt Kathy talked him into trying it one more time. He loved it until Phillip threw all three of us off into the lake. After that he was done. On our way home on Monday we decided to take the boys to the Abilene Zoo (our goal was to wear them out so they would sleep the whole way home). The Zoo was so much fun. Parker's favorite animal was the lion. Beckham favorite was definitely the giraffes. He was fascinated with them. He was smiling and laughing and clapping his hands at them. It was precious. He actually cried when we walked away. Phillip and I had a good laugh as well as a few bystanders while we were in the aquarium. Beckham is TERRIFIED of the turtles. It was the funniest thing ever. He was pretty much hyperventilating. It was a great trip and we can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, May 14

New House

Here are some pictures of the beginning of our new house. It should be structurally complete August 31 but who knows when it will be completely decorated. I have lots of fun ideas for this house. We are so excited. Parker is even showing interested in the new house. He is finding the whole process very interesting. He really thinks Bob the Builder is building our house. ;) We have explained to Parker on our blue prints where all the rooms are going to be and that him and Beckham are going to have their very own play room. He talks about his play room everyday. he has asked daddy for a new train table to go in there. We shall see if we can find room for one as a welcome to your new home present for the boys. Also he tells me everyday that daddy is going to buy him a park to go in his new backyard. This is true and we are very excited. I know these pictures don't look like much but we will post some fun ones as things move further along. This is what the house looks like tonight tomorrow they will start the foundation! 

Wednesday, April 22

More Picture Updates

This is the best smile I could get outta him...
Beckham is a natural he loves his picture taken!
Silly Beckham always hammin it up!
Parker has been wanting to give Beckham a ride on his tractot since he got it. However it doesnt have seat belts and I know that with the way Parker srives the thing Beckham would go flyin' out. So yesterday I gave in and strapped Beckham to the seat with a belt. :) Both boys loved it. ?Beckham rode for a good 15 minutes. 

Arent they so cute!
Beckham enjoying Parkers Easter picnic at CDO
Parker at his CDO Easter Picnic
Parker got his arm stuck in this toy he thought it was funny until he realized it was REALLY stuck and we had to use oil to get it out!
I bet he never tries that again! LOL

Parkers Birthday Party

So Behind on Blogging!

WOW I cant believe i have blogged in over a month! Where has the time gone? I don't have time to explain everything that has gone on in the last month but I will let the pictures tell the story! 

First off I cant believe I didn't blog this/share this sooner. This is my official black mail picture of Parker. It will be shown to all girlfriends! lol

Beckham helping Poppi load the dishwasher

Beckham standing on his own!!! 7.5 months!!
Beckham devouring an orange.
My Handsome boy!
Parker all clean (it is rare)

Tuesday, March 10

Outside play with Parker

This afternoon Parker and I played outside while Beckham napped. After digging and coloring the sidewalk with chalk I decided to see if Parker would let me take some pictures of him. (It is really rare for him to pose) I was able to get a couple of good ones. I also had to take a picture of Parker's beloved "boat" shoes. His request. Usually when we play outside he has these on and underwear only. I will have to snap a picture next time. 

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Sunday, February 22

Daddy... The Jungle Gym

The boys spent a good part of Sunday afternoon wrestling with daddy. They love crawling all over him. Beckham especially I think I might have a little dare devil on my hands. He loves to do tricks. Parker however is a little more cautious. Thats ok with me though. ;)