Saturday, December 31


I love to read. It is my retreat from the "real" world. I like to read just about anything. With the Exception of Romance Novels. Not my thing. I do like to read books that challenge me and make me uncomfortable. Books that shake me and make me think. Books that make me want to change how I am. These kind of book I like to read. I hope that my love affair with reading will rub off on my kids. I would rather curl up on the sofa with a warm cup of coffee and a blanket with my nose stuck in a book then watch television. This last year I have read some pretty amazing books and I want to share them with you. I have read a couple of these in the past but I re-read them this year. I love re-reading favorites. It seems I always get something new from it each time I read it. Here is my recommendation list:

Always Enough is an all time favorite. I re-read it all the time.

I will probably read this book 1,000xs

This is a re-read! Changed my life!

Always a re-read. LOVE this! 

I hope you will find time to read some of these wonderful books. Some of them literally changed my life. Made me rethink how I am living and have brought some hope and encouragement to my heart. Here is what I have on deck so far for my 2012 reading list:

I actually already started this and I am 80% finished. It is rocking' my world! It is exactly what I have been talking about and wanting to do for the last few months. Brilliant!

What are you reading this year? 

2011 Recap

 2011 was an interesting year. We have seen prayers answered and we are still fearlessly praying and waiting for some to be answered. We have had some heartbreak and some heart mending. We have watched out boys blossom and we have watched family be healed. I have discovered that I not only enjoy crafting I love it. It is my outlet. We have been to Ethiopia we have gained a daughter. We have been gloriously ruined and blessed immeasurably. It has been quit a year. I loved this year though it carried some pain and tears I loved it. Here is a quick recap:

January 2011
We got our passports! 
I began to Craft ;)

February 2011
My sweet Ellie turned 4
Prayers for these girls were heard and my friends got to bring their daughters home! I have been blessed watching their story unfold. It has given me tangible HOPE for my own. 

I began our adoption homework which I didn't finish until November but yet it was due in April. 

We celebrated my new niece Brittleigh Jade. She brings me so much joy. I love babies.

March 2011

 We celebrated Parkers 5th Birthday with an AWESOME Star Wars party. Both of our kids are slightly obsessed with Star Wars. 

We got our referral for this sweet sweet girl. All we knew was that her name was Meti and that she is in between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 and she was ours. And this marked the beginning and the wildest emotional, spiritual roller coaster I have ever strapped my self onto. 

April 2011
Phillip and I went to NYC

We flew kites

I went to Dallas and went to a Women's Conference with my cousins. 

Sweet Brittleigh graced us with her presence.

May 2011
We got pics of our sweet girl getting the gifts we sent her. She had on these glasses when we met her for the first time! So sweet!

We took the boys to the beach for the first time. 

Phillip's sister graduated High School. It was fun to watch her graduate and to help throw her a big party. 

I got to celebrate Mother's Day with my Nanny, Mom and Sister! 

I love being the momma of these goobers. 

June 2011
Beckham and Daddy had their first ER visit while I was away in Dallas.

We got a few more pics of our sweet little lady.

Miss Sophia Lynn was born. She is beyond precious. She brings joy and peace to any room she is in. She is definitely a gift.

Swimming every day with the sister has began!

Loving Library days with these Cheese Heads. 

Lisa Bevere Conference with my littlest sister. (This was the life changing weekend for Her) 

July 2011
We went to Ruidoso with some pretty amazing friends
Beckham really loves Addy she's just not to sure. 

Beckham turned 3. We had a Lighting McQueen Party at the pool. He loves to go swimming and he loves lighting McQueen so combine the two and you have a perfect party. 

August 2011
We went on a little end of Summer trip to Dallas and met some of Phillips family that he hadn't seen since he was like 5. We hung out with them for a couple of days. It was a lot of fun meeting his family and watching the kids play and enjoy each other. 
I tried the yummy frozen yogurt EVER. Avacodo flavored!! I crave it everyday. It was delicious!

We got another sweet Picture of Emerson Meti with the nanny who takes care of the little girls her age. 

The Boys started school. Parker is in Kindergarten I cannot believe it. My baby is growing too fast. 

September 2011
I turned 25. I know shocking I am a baby. But it is what it is and honestly I am kind of sad I am 25 I don't want to grow up in numbers. Maybe I will claim this age forever. Deal?!
My mom had us over for a Birthday dinner. It was so nice to just hang out with family in my parents backyard. 
And I had a nice little meal with some special friends. It looks like we color coordinated. ;)

Phillip and I took our life group on a little retreat to Ruidoso. It was so nice to get away with a few couples and focus on our marriage and God.

Parker had his Kindergarten Open House. We love his teachers. They are really special.
He showed us where Ethiopia is on the globe. Precious boy!

I got their sweet little school pictures. I think I have the most handsome little men ever. They are yummy! 

Parker and Daddy enjoying a little chalk action after work one day. 

Daddy's Version of Chalk play :)

October 2011
The Markets kind of tanked this fall bringing on some scary feelings and emotions. Thats about right though, coming up on the tail end of our adoption. The enemy hates adoption. We have a had attacks like no other.  This is a fortune cookie Phillip opened at a local Chinese restaurant one night at dinner. Ironic?!

We celebrated 6 years of marriage. I am so thankful I said yes and I now get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man! Here is my little anniversary treat I woke up too. He is so sweet!
I hosted a little dinner party for some friends and I busted my butt trying to be gormet and fancy. I am pretty sure if I do it again Burgers is whats on the menu. Actaully maybe PB&J. Ha! It was yummy though. 

I read the most inspiring book ever. I cried in 99.9% of this book and I laughed during 99.9% of this book. Get it. Its awesome! You won't be able to out it down. 

We discovered Parker is quite the little artist. He copied this all on his own. Impressive?!
We had a little World Series Party with the Kids and some friends. 
I am room mom in Parkers class so I helped throw them a little Halloween party. It was fun!

We went trick or treating in Phillips office building. I have no idea why I resemble rudolf in this photo. Oh wait yes I do. I carried B around for 2 hours and she weighs roughly 50 lbs. ;)

We also got to go to Fiddlesticks Farm for an afternoon. 

November 2011
Novemeber was an especially special month. We flew to Ethiopia. A land that has captivated my heart. A land that my soul aches for. In Ethiopia we officially gained a daughter. Emerson Meti Knight aka Emme. Emme has changed me. If it weren't for her and God bringing us to her I would not be the woman I am today. November was a special month! 

Before we left for Ethiopia Parker got to be St. George in the All Saints Day program at his school. He practiced his lines over and over until they were just perfect. He did so great. I was a really proud momma
 of my brave boy.

For Thanksgiving this year we went to my moms. She and my nanny made some delicious food. After that my sisters and I tired to do a little shopping at Old Navy where my middle sister Jill got locked outside in the freezing cold while Jamie and I continued to shop. We had Jill's phone so there was no way to get ahold of anyone. Oh the memories

The day after Thanksgiving Phillip and I took my sister and her husband to our friends cabin for the weekend. We only stayed 2 nights but it was fun to get away with family and veg out and play games.

December 2011
In December we got to Celebrate Emme. My friend Lana hosted the most perfect shower ever. It was beautiful. You can read more about it here.

Parker got to be Joseph in his class play. He was so excited to make us proud of him that unbeknownst to me he was running a fever and pressed through it any way. He is so sweet. I would have been proud even if he couldn't do it. 

We went to the Kari Jobe Concert at our church. Where we met up with some friends. It was amazing. Kari Jobe and her band are so talented! 

We went back to Ruidoso the week before Christmas for a little family of 4 vacation. We are trying to soak in all the time left we have with just the boys. 
We woke up on Christmas Eve to this! It was so pretty! I walked around the house all day singing "I'm dreaming of a Whiiiittteee Christmas" in my best Opera voice. My family wasn't annoyed at all. ;)

Though 2011 was a great year I really do look forward to a new year. I know that 2012 is going to bring in a lot of changes to our family and our little Princess will finally be in our home. I hope you enjoyed my quick little recap on our fun filled 2011. See you next year!