Friday, April 29

Kitchen Complete

Yay!! I have finished the Play Kitchen!!! I have been working on it for a while. I have had so many things come up that I just couldn't get to it.

This piece was my nanny's. She was going to get rid of it and I asked her if I could have it. She said yes! I knew the moment I saw it exactly what I was going to do with it. Turn it into a Play Kitchen!! I have been wanting a play kitchen for the play room for a while but I didn't want to spend much money on one. And of course I wanted a wooden one. All the wood ones I found that I loved were like $300+. No way!! ;) So I decided to make one! Check out the before and after pictures below.

I know I took a better one but I can't find it... Bummer... But you get the idea. 


Total Cost:
Furniture - Free
Paint - Already had on hand
Sink - $1.00 mixing bowl from Dollar Tree
Faucet - $7.99 Home Depot
2 Pots and Pans - $5.00 each from HEB
Dish Rag - Made by my Momma

Total Cost : ~$15.00


Thursday, April 28

Room Fit For A Princess

 I basically told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything for little "M"s room until we had officially passed court and she was officially our daughter. But I didn't tell myself I couldn't day dream and create a design board for her sweet little room. I want this room to be so perfect for her. I am having a really hard time narrowing down what I like and how I want it to feel and look. I want it to be fun and bright, but not chessey. I want it to be little girl but not too little since she is a little older then we thought. I also what it to reflect my vintage, urban funky style. I want to do all of this while staying on a tight budget. Over the last couple of weeks I have thought about her room over and over and over again. I have created a mini design board. Here is a sneak peak of what I am dreaming about for her room....

The bed in the picture is her bed. The nightstands are an image I got off of another bloggers page. I just like the color with the white handles. Everything else is stuff from some of my favorite stores/websites. I can't wait to put it all together and see what it looks like. 

Wednesday, April 27

A Kid with Style

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter in Parker school bag from the Nurse telling me that I needed to take him to the eye doctor because he had failed his vision test 3 times during their normal spring screening. I didn't even know they did that in pre-school. So I called my Doctors office and made him an appt. That appointment was today & I all I can say is... I. NEED. A. NAP. The child is impossible. He is 100% boy to the bone!!! Sometimes I don't think it would be wise to claim him in public. (For humility reasons of course) He is not a bad kid. Just a very active and spirited kid. He is very intelligent and blindly honest. Sometimes I wish I could put a harness on his mouth. HAHA Like in the waiting room while waiting to see the Dr. he made friends with the cool teenage boy who was playing the video games. This guy was trying to get his mom's attention so she could sit next to him but she just walked off like she didn't hear a thing. A moment later she sits next to Parker and Parker proceeds to say "Do you ever listen to your son?" The lady "HAHA no why?!" Parker: "Oh I can tell because he was talking to you and you just walked off. Maybe you should listen to him." OMG!!!!!! He is not mine!! I apologized to the lady for Parkers judgement and honesty with her. She at least thought it was hilarious and DIED laughing. WHEEEWWW!!! I skirted across utter humiliation.

Getting Parker to actually cooperate during the examine was quite the challenge. He was squirmy and talkative and just well curious of all his surroundings. He did great though for a 5 yr. old.

Well the results were revealed and in all honesty I was hoping that the Dr. would say the nurse made a mistake and he has perfect vision. But he doesn't. In fact they told me he is really far sided and is +6 (whatever that means). He needs glasses. The Dr. told me this is probably the root of Parkers frustration with handwriting and flashcards at school. He said he probably dislikes it so much because it is uncomfortable to focus on his up close activities. Bummer.... Definitely not what I was wanting to hear but glad we have answers. I guess better to catch it now then later down the road when we are having major issues. 

I know it's kinda vain or superficial or whatever you want to call it but I didn't really want my handsome little guy in glasses so little. I didn't want to have to face the fact that some little bully at school may call him 4 eyes or poke fun of him with his glasses. I didn't want to have to reassure him that he is great and his glasses are cool because he is having insecurities about his appearance so young. These are all things I know the Lord will take care of. Parker right now LOVES his new look. I pray that there will be no little bully to pick on him but everyone will love his new look as well. 

On a positive note... The kid has STYLE.  He went right to a really cool pair of Ray Bans and told me that those were the ones he wanted and that they looked super cool. I have to agree.....


Tuesday, April 26

Simplify Grow Create

 Our Family Plan for this year has been going great. I don't mention it to Phillip alot...or maybe ...Never... but I always think about these 3 little things I have set my heart on accomplishing this year. I introduced you to my Little Plan back in January. My plan...was to write about these areas every month. Well it is April and I haven't written about them. That doesn't mean I haven't completed or reached these goals each month, it just means well... I am a bad blogger.

The area that drives me the most crazy and I get the most satisfaction from is the Simplify category. My life tends to get so busy and so crazy. (I am not one of those people who likes to brag about or boast about how crazy consumed all of my time is) In fact I love a simple SLOW life. I don't like clutter in my house or things outside of the house to clutter my life.

Specifically one area of simplifying that I have been working on for months is De-Cluttering. All. This. Junk!!! I hate opening my cabinets and seeing a bunch of non sense! It makes my hyper ventilate and then I start slamming drawers and doors out of clutter frustration. Yuck!

In February, we cleaned out the attic. It was a huge deal to me to get all the baby stuff out and all the other junk out. I cannot stand useless stuff in storage. (I am very opinionated about this can't you tell) In March I cleaned out/or tried to clean out the hall closet and the laundry room cabinets. We have so much stuff that we NEVER USE or even realize we have. Yuck! This month, April, I have cleaned out "M"'s room and closet. I sold Beckham's old crib *tear* and I am working on cleaning out other things. I am getting ready to CREATE her room.

This is the dresser I am going to repaint for her room

This is the sweet little bed I found for $30 for her room.

As far as Growing... We have read all the way through Parker's bible and I am looking for a more advanced bible to read through with him. He loves it and he soaks it all in. I want to preserve this sweet time of curiosity in him. I am at the end of my David study by Beth Moore. It is amazing. I am about to start up Daniel by Beth Moore as an early summer study. Phillip is my spiritual GIANT I am amazed at him daily. He is an amazing leader to me and I praise God daily for redeeming his life and instilling in him a wisdom I do not have. We are trying hard to grow spiritually as a family. We are trying to change the face of our family and we are trying hard to model our lives after Christ for our boys to see. Who better disciples a child then his parents? As far as growing our family in numbers... We have meet our sweet daughter. Not face to face but my heart has met her face and we are completely in LOVE! We are continuing to pray for our Little Lady and that she will be in our arms and home soon. We also have a new member of our family and I will tell you all about that on a different day...

This is the Bible we were reading... I highly recommend it! 

Creating... This is an on going thing in this house. I will have new pictures of my creations soon. I just need to sort through and make sense of what I have going on right now. LOL So many projects so little time. ;)

Bed Buddy

Last night Phillip was in Dallas with some of his guy friends for the Mavericks game and a little pre-Birthday celebration for his good friend Jae. When Phillip goes out of town for a night I somewhat look forward to it because that means... Mommy is putting the kids to bed early. I am getting my comfies on and gathering a good little snack and drink and I am going to veg out while watching one of my recorded Girl shows. Like Army Wives. I like this time alone in my own house while it is dark and quiet. I tend to get a little fussy if it is interrupted. 

Well.... I spent a good part of yesterday looking forward to my nice quiet mommy evening. I thought about which shows I would watch or if I would rent a girl movie. What treat I would eat. Etc. Well that all came crashing down when my sweet little Beckham decided to take a 4 hour nap. 6 PM rolls around and he is still sleeping. I calculate in my head how many awake hours he will have if I woke him then. ONLY 2! No way that is not gonna fly. He is cramping my evening with his Monster of a nap. 

So I take a deep breathe (like on Ni Hao Kai Lan) and calm down. We will make the best of it. We will survive this. Phillip is going out of town for a whole week next week. You will have plenty of Mommy nights. This is how I coach my self through my anger annoyance .

So we did. We made the best of the evening. The boys made a HUGE pillow fort with an attached tunnel. We ordered Pizza and watched America's Funniest Videos. We had a good night. 

Bed time rolled around (9:45 tonight because of the Monster nap) and the boys were zonked. Parker fell asleep before I was done snuggling him in. Beckham just smiled and looked all dreamy eyed at me. 

I retired to my room and turned on the TV. I discovered Army Wives didn't record this week ;(. Booo! So I turned on Bravo and watched Betheny Ever After. Never watch that show! It is a waste of brain cells. Completely annoying! UGH! So I painted my nails. ;) Total Girl I know!! My mom called around 10:30 with some news which was pretty much a huge downer. My family is going through some really tough and nasty things. When you think of us remember to pray for us. God knows what it is just speak protection, wisdom and for the Holy Spirit to intervene and redeem this situation. 

So obviously I couldn't sleep because my mind was spinning so I decided to update my blog. See my new look isn't it pretty. I published a few posts I had been working on as well. 

I decided around 1:00 am that I would try to get some sleep so I would be a happy mommy today. When I went into my room this is what I found... 

My Little Bed Buddy 

We snuggled all night. Which means I didn't get much sleep at all. But today I am a happy Mommy because I have the two most handsome boys who LOVE to cuddle their mommy.
 (Parker later joined us somewhere between 2&3am because there were alligators in his bed)

Simple Things That Make Me Smile

 Do you ever find pleasure in the simply things that happen or you use in your normal daily life? Have you ever actually put any thought into those little things that make you smile. I had a moment of reflection and gratitude last for everything in my life both Big and Small. Silly and Serious. I wish moments of sincere gratitude came my way more often. More times then none I feel bratty and selfish and un grateful. But really if I stop and slow down and reflect on where God has brought me, what he has done for me and what he has given me. I am blessed beyond measure and blessed way beyond what I deserve. God has provided me Big Blessing and Tiny Blessings but none the less they ARE ALL BLESSINGS!

A few things that make me Smile...

1) My morning cup of coffee

2) CLOROX wipes!!!! I cannot live with out them!!!!

3) Movie nights on non school night with the boys and our little treats to go along with it. 

4) 3 hour naps with my baby

5) Beckham in his monster towel and how he insists on being bundled up to scare daddy after bath each night.

6) The endless Light Saber battles in my living room to BLARRING Star Wars movies scores.

7) How Parker draws me little pictures of things I love (this one is a Lady Bug)

8) How Parker (and Beckham) are at all times one of the Super Heros. Today is Batman (yes that is face paint)

9) How my Batman thinks he is too big for naps but really... He isn't....

10) Our Adoption!!!! And seeing little "M's face in frames all over my house. 

PB Knock Off Progress

 With all of this wind and sickness flying about here... It makes it hard for a girl to get anything down. Come On Wind... I need to paint!! Here is a little peak at the progress I made today on the bedroom suite I am working on.

Nice BIG dresser bought off of craigslist

With the same blue color as the nightstand found in an earlier post

Here is a little peak at a couple other project I have going right now too. I bought this little desk for Parker at The Antique Mall here in Midland for $25. I love the little cubby under the seat. It is so cute. 

As I was prepping it to sand look at this little stamp I found on the back. Property of Lubbock ISD. I always wonder what the story is for my old pieces I redo. Like I wonder what age child used this deck? Which little girl or boy had a crush and "A" who is carved on the top of the desk with a little heart next to it? What did the child day dream about? Where are they now? I know... I am a crazy person... I have admitted my craziness now lets move on... HA!

And here is my progress on the play kitchen I am making out of an old bread cabinet from my Nanny's kitchen. :)

Our Little Easter Egg

 Brittleigh Jade was born this last Friday! Just in time for Easter. Jill and I referred to her as our little Easter Egg. She is sooo cute and tiny. I had the pleasure of watching my own two boys all day friday as well as Ellie who is only 4 months older then Beckham. It was a blast but... Gawly I was TIRED by the end of it all. It makes me nervous for when little "M" gets here. (She is Beckham's age). We waited/played/got on everyones nerves all day Friday in the tiny waiting room at the hospital. It was worth it to get to be there for Brittleigh's arrival. I am proud to be an aunt again to 2 really sweet sisters! I love my girls!

Playing dress-up in the waiting room ;)

She's HERE!!!

Goopy eyed Brittleigh

Showing Ellie her NEW sister for the first time! 

She was a little nervous... 

Easter Recap

 Easter seemed to come WAY fast this year. Usually plan out really cute Matchy-Matchy out fits for everyone to wear on Easter Sunday but this year I COULDN'T PULL IT TOGETHER! I. Am. So. Annoyed. I know it isn't a huge deal or anything... well really it is in my world... but... My kiddos are little and these are the only years (and there aren't many of these only years left) I have to dress my boys in cutesy-matchy clothes.  I planned on gathering all of our outfits up last week but my family was hit with THE PLAGUE or as some call it... Strep Throat. The mother of all sicknesses. Let me tell you. If you have never had it, PRAY you don't EVER get it!! You think I am kidding but I am not. Seriously. Pray. Any-who... zooming back to Easter....

We celebrated Christ's resurrection at Church with our Church family. Our Church rocks. If you live in West Texas... It rocks enough to shout out to all the surrounding towns ;) Come visit us we'd love, love, love to have you! Ok one more time zooming back to Easter....

After we attended first service and then taught 5,000 3 yr. olds at 2nd service we headed to my parents house for the long and highly anticipated Egg Hunt. Parker was stoked about the eggs this year. I am thinking next year we will begin in on the egg boiling and decorating tradition... Hmmm we shall see...

Here is a recap of the day in photos...

And They're Off!!

 Checking Out Mimi Awesome Easter Bunny

 Phillip and Mimi playing videographer

 Phillip Looking all sexy and model-esque HEHE (can I say sexy on here haha)

 Sweet Ellie

 Cousins! They Love Each Other!!

 Awe!! Me and my LOVE... mmm...

And Me snuggling our new little Easter Egg!!