Tuesday, April 19

The Innocence of a Childs Heart

A couple of weeks ago I showed one of Parker's classmates pictures on my phone of little "M". Her son Brock is 5 and in Parker's pre-school class at Trinity this year. She also has a younger son Hudson who is 4 and a grade below Parker and Brock. Her boys were standing there while I was being the proud momma I am showing off my pictures (it's kind of like getting sonogram pictures). Later that afternoon I was checking my Facebook and noticed she had sent me this message. I posted it below to share with you the Beauty of a child's heart.

Hey Jenna, 
Love the beauty and innocence of a child's mind and had to share this story. I explained to Brock and Hudson on the way home about adoption and Africa and that your boys were close to meeting their new baby sister and that you were now a Mommy of three. Brock was very concerned (no reason why..??) about whether or not you would be breastfeeding. I told him probably not, as she was old enough now that she didn't need breastmilk and would just be eating "regular" food like the rest of us. Brock (who apparently finds breastfeeding VERY important), told me that he wasn't at all worried that Parker's little sister would be sad about not being breastfed, because she would be so excited when she found out how long of a plane flight you would have to take in order to go pick her up. Hudson then said that Parker's mommy must realllllly love Parker's new baby sister, if she has been waiting this long to meet her :) Brock then said that he would pray to God tonight that "Parker's baby sister didn't have a dirty diaper or have her ears hurt on the plane flight home." I LOVE the beautiful simplicity of a child's perspective. 

I cried while I read this. Kids are awesome! I love them. I can't wait for little "M" to meet her brothers and their friends. 

And because I hate blog posts with out pictures here is a cute little onesie I found online ;)

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  1. This is one of the sweetest posts I have ever read. . . what sweet children!!


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