Monday, November 8

Spiritual GPS Part2

The devo for last friday was so profound to me. It is simple but it moved me and spoke to me. I will share it with you below.

Isaiah 28:16 says "So this is what the Sovereign LORD says, " See, I lay a stone in zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed."

When erecting a stone building, the cornerstone is the first stone laid and the most critical part of the entire structure. Each subsequent stone will be laid parallel to the sides of the cornerstone oth horizontally and vertically. If the cornerstone is cut perfectly in 90 degree angles, then every line that is projected off the stone will be straight and square. If not, walls can miss their mark by feet not just inches. Corenstones must be true and must be accuarte. They must also be strong to carry the weight of the structure they must support through thte centuries. The conrerstone laid by the Sovereign Lord is Jesus. His ways are true, his foundation eternal.

Our lives are like stone buildings with each stone representing a decision we have made. In my life I have made both random decisions prompted by my flesh and guided decisions prompted by the Spirit and his Word. It's the differenve in trying to find a location in a city you have never visited before by gut feeling or by a GPS system. I'm not great at guessing where to turn in strange cities. Trying at night without landmarks is even worse .However, a good GPS is amazing. If I miss a turn it calls me back, like the Holy Spirit, giving a new set of directives to correct my course and get me to my destination.

In a world where lines are blurred and truth is declared to be ever changing, much like a compass without a magnetic pike, we need a true North to navigate the challenges of life. Jesus is that true north, the cornerstone and the capstone (Psalm 118:22), the beginning and the end. He is our GPS. Line up with him, get where you are going safely, and take others with you.

This moved me. I had steered off of the route that God had set me on. No he is calling me back. But not to do a u-turn but to take the next turn that will lead me back to where he wants me to be. I want so desperately to be in tune to my Spiritual GPS. I fail at times but I know God is not a God who turns his back but a God who lifts your head and tells you to keep going and he sets your path straight again. 

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  1. This hit home for me too!! I really felt such hope and thankfulness that God doesn't just let us wander around but continues to guide us to our next step to be in his path. Even when we falter or make a wrong step, or bad decision - he lifts our head and redirects us to put us back on his path. . always loving, always there - . . . what a sweet, sweet Father we serve!


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