Sunday, January 29

Pick Up Trip:Day2

 On Day 2 of our trip we decided to book a sight seeing tour. I wanted to create some fun memories of us in Ethiopia with our sweet Emme that didn't consist of the Transition house or sitting at our guest house. I wanted to get out and see the country. We joined another AWESOME family who was staying with us. I felt like we had known these sweet people forever. We seriously need to move to TN. The Archies are so fun and they made our trip so memorable. I cannot wait to connect with them again. So... the Archies and us piled in our drivers van and we headed out on our 2 hour drive into the country to see the Portuguese Bridge and Debre Libanos Monastery. 

It was a beautiful drive with a lot of fun and different things to see. There were several moments though were I thought we were going to DIE. People in Ethiopia cannot drive. And there are NO seat belts or car seats for the kids! It is really scary. Ha! 

It was a long drive up the mountain but it was SO worth it. The views were breathtaking. I don't know how anyone can look at that and say "There is NO God." God's creation is beautiful and again like I said... breathtaking.

Emme playing with the Archies oldest son

Emme playing with the Archies newest addition Getu. He was in the same transition house with Emme for awhile. ;) I am sure it was nice for her to have a familiar face hanging around. 

We didn't make it to the bridge. The ground was too rough for little Emme and TOMS are not the best hiking shoes. But what we did get to see and do was amazing. I am so glad that we went. 
After enjoying a yummy traditional Ethiopian lunch overlooking the Valley we headed back into Addis. One the way back to the city we stopped at this village on the side of the road to hand out some donations with the Archies. I will have to write more about this later. It did something special in my heart. It is worthy of its own special post. But I will leave you with the picture. 
Oh... be still my heart. 

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