Saturday, January 15

Cloth Diapers Needed

I was on our agency's chat site and our orphanages have a huge need for clothe diapers!!
If any of you who follow my blog would like to donate some to be sent to Ethiopia it would be HUGELY appreciated. Those sweet babies over there need their little bums covered.

 Listed below are the specifics on the diapers:

  • Chinese or India fold (They can't be found in Target or Walmart here I have already looked)
  • Bleached or Unbleached
  • Must be washed 3x's before they are sent over to Ethiopia (I can wash them for you if you would like)
  • They need at least 5 dozen of each size (so which ever of the 3 sizes you buy will be great)

I have found these online by googling "Chinese fold clothe diapers" or "Indian fold clothe diapers". They are really inexpensive. You can purchased 1 dozen from Amazon for $21. If you would like to donate some you can email me at for shipping instructions. I Love you all and thanks for helping all those naked bottoms.
  Emerson could be one of those naked bums :o)

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