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This post is LONG over due. SO long that it is embarrassing.  I have been mauling over this post since August. Each week month thinking..."Ok. I will do it next week." Which actually meant next month or the next.  So here we are with 3 days of December left and I have YET to post this post! I guess it is a great time to post this post since 2012 is wrapping up and people are thinking about New Year's Resolutions or if you are like me your New Years Good Intentions.
One of the most popular Resolutions (Good Intentions) is to get into better shape and to eat healthier. But in reality how many of us can honestly say that come January 14th we haven't kicked those Good Intentions out the window. Most of us, myself included, have already indulged in a Cheese Pizza with Extra Cheese dipped in Ranch or have shut ourselves in the pantry in efforts to hide from everyone to indulge in some Double Stuffed Oreos. Or in my case those little Chocolate Carmel Turtles...mmm...
Have you ever heard the term 'What you eat in private you wear in public'?  It gets me every time!
I have been there and I still struggle to not go back there.
With the New Year quickly approaching and while everyone is thinking about all the 'New' things you want to do, all the ways you want to be 'Better' and all the things you want to 'Change' during 2013...I want to take the time to finally introduce to you something my family and I, along with a group of close friends, having been doing for awhile now. And that is eating REAL Whole Foods.
We like to call it Plant Powered Eating.
I am sure I just lost some followers/readers but please bear with me. It is worth your time I promise. And it is not as scary, hard, gross, expensive, bland or as intimidating as you think.
My family has been on a Plant Based 'diet' for 5 months now...well honestly...its more of a lifestyle...I hate the word 'diet'. They don't work. It's temporary. Diets work at first but they do not work Long Term and they really have now Long Term benefits to better your life. Can you honestly say that you want to be on special pills or special shakes for the rest of your life? I am not disciplined enough to do these things to even know how well they work first hand. Plus I really Love to EAT and I really enjoy Food!
But what I do know, from educating myself through documentaries, books, blogs, video blogs and other resources the key to weight-loss and the key to a healthy and full life is to in fact... EAT. And by eating I mean eating REAL, non processed, naturally grown, not modified foods.
Foods that the Good Lord Himself gave us.

Now...for my disclaimer...I am by no means skinny and fit. I am still working on my whole weight-loss issue.  And trust me, its a issue. I have however mastered a Plant Powered (90% Vegan) lifestyle for myself, my husband and my kids. (Yes! They eat weird veggies! It can happen!!) What I have not mastered is Exercise. This is my missing link. I know it is. For some reason I suffer from chronic laziness and lack of motivation. While I enjoy the actual act of 'working out' it is getting to the actual 'working out' that gets me...It is a lot of work! This is a disease and I will kill it this year!

This year, in 2013, I am starting a new Chapter of my blog. It is called EAT. You can find the link where all of my posts about EATing will be archived (there aren't any there yet) in the logo called EAT over in my sidebar under Adoption. If you click on EAT my posts will be there.
Once a week starting Monday January 7th... then continuing on the following Monday's... I will post our Families Menu  (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) and I will share some little insights on eating and maintaining a Plant Powered Lifestyle and why it is important to know what you are putting in your body and the bodies or your sweet babies. Maybe...just maybe...I can (will) master exercise and I can share and encourage you that way as well. *wink*
Before we begin on our journey...and before you set your resolution to EAT 'right'... I do want to share with you some resources that I found to be the most educating, inspiring, shocking and life changing for our family. I want to encourage you to watch at least one of these before January 1.
Pray before you watch, read or investigate on your own. Ask God to show you where changes need to be made and for God to help you see what you need and should see. He will show you. He will speak to you.

First watch this I think you can still watch it on Netflix... It is a little dry in some parts but over all it is so eye opening!

Second...Watch goes hand in hand with Forks Over Knives...Netflix!

Third...Watch this...My thoughts are forvere changed... Again Netflix

Christ tells us to Love God with all of our Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength. Basically with everything that we are we are to Love Him and honor Him.  As a family we felt like God was calling us to honor Him with what we were putting in our mouths.
Food can become an idol.
Something you turn to when you are sad, depressed, angry, needing comfort or when you are happy, excited and celebrating. Food can easily replace God. It can easily hold a High place in your priorities. God wants us to Crave him. To crave His presence and to crave what only He can fulfill in us and not what food can only temporarily fulfill. We as a family decided to put what FOOD had become to us aside and put God in that place. And only let food be a means of nutrient to keep these vessels running. And running at their BEST.
Now this can also be turned around and can quickly become something that is legalistic and can become weird and even an idol in the reverse direction.
A health Idol.
We don't want that. We simply want to honor God by eating what He has revealed to us as good and profitable for our bodies. To eat of the Garden that He put us in. This does not mean that you have to be Vegan.
God did make cows whose milk makes cheese and well... they make milk. All from the Lord. God made chickens and chickens produce eggs and yummy meat. God made fish, goats, deer, pig and whatever else meat you like to eat. These things are not bad. In the New Testament in Romans 14 you can find where it says 'all foods are acceptable'. For my family, being Vegan just seemed right. I am not going to pressure you into being Vegan. I simply want to share our journey, encourage you and challenge you to live a more Plant Powered lifestyle. I promise you it is worth it! It is profitable! I have had incredible results from this way of eating. I struggle with acne and I can honestly say it has improved greatly with eating mainly vegetables and fruits. My skin overall feels more fresh, my hair has been healthier, I have more energy and I have slimmed down! I have lost that horrible bloated feeling after I eat, my teeth feel cleaner and I just overall feel better! I think you will too!
Don't expect to be perfect in this journey. Expecting perfection is setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Your gonna mess up. When you do just jump back on and go again.
A friend on our Plant Powered group text encouraged us to "shoot for long term consistency even if it means having a little CREAM in your coffee."
Here is a verse I want to leave you with that have been encouraging to me during this journey:

"And so dear brothers and sister, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice - the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him." 
- Romans 12:1 NTL
I am thrilled to begin this journey with you in 2013. I am thrilled to share our favorite recipes, to learn yours, to share our favorite snacks and treats and I am so excited to encourage you and be encouraged by you in this new way of life. Be looking for a post soon from my dear husband on some of the more technical reasons Plant Powdered eating is so profitable and beneficial to your body.
It's going to be a yummy year!! 

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  1. SO excited for this!!! Going to watch all three movies.
    Your post came at a perfect time... it's been something the Lord has put on my heart but honestly have no idea where to start.
    I'd love to pick your brain on menu plans and if you have any good books you would suggest?
    Seriously so excited!

  2. Ashley! Thank dear! Email me! I'd love to answer any questions!!! And help you!! jennaknight(at)gmail(dot)com :)


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