Tuesday, September 28

Adoption Fund Project

Ok... So I have been busy at work trying to help raise money for a friend who is adopting. She has two sweet kids waiting for her and her family to rescue them from Ethiopia. Click here to read their story. I posted earlier about my pay it forward pay pal button at the right of my screen. If you would like to donate to them just click the button and enter an amount. Even if all you have is $25, that is $25 closer to getting these kids to their forever family. Also, I have been making some hair accessories with my lovely sister to help with the cause. Here are some pics of what you can purchase if you are interested. And they are going to a great cause.

 Blue linen headband
Yellow rosettes... Very cute...
 Rosette Headband
 Natural linen headband
 Super cute door sweater (I call them that because they are made of wool yarn ;) )
You can tell  me what color, how many flowers, ruffles, or holiday accessories or all three. One like this is $25.

I am working on some canvases and furniture. Once I get them complete I will post some pictures. Please think about helping my friends bring their babies home where they will be loved and safe. 


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  1. I love the way you are supporting your friends' adoption. What a beautiful example of friendship. God Bless!


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