Tuesday, May 31

I Miss You

 Dear M
I miss you. We miss you. I know it sounds strange because we haven't even met. Well at least face to face. We have only met in pictures. I miss you everyday but, this last week I have missed you more then ever. There is an empty spot, a hole, in our family. My heart aches to be with you. For you to be with us. We get little bits of who you are through pictures, short little videos and update emails with your weight, height etc. You are so tiny for almost being 4. I cannot wait to introduce you to chocolate milk, cheese burgers, kool-aide, popsicles and all the other childhood favorites. I often sit and wonder what you are doing and what it going on in your everyday routine at the THouse. How many little friends you have that make you laugh and if the nannies there sing to you. I cannot wait to sing to you. I cannot wait for you to meet your sweet friends here and hear you laugh and play with them. This last week your dad and I were dreaming of you with us at the beach. We were looking at all the other little girls imaging what it will be like to take you to the beach for the first time and to watch you squish the sand between your cute little toes. There were times that it felt like you were there, I actually looked for you for a second and realized I must have been lost in my dream. I can't help but get lost in those dreams of you meeting your brothers for the first time, what will it be like to have you sitting in our house and watching you sleep in your little bedroom we are preparing for you. You are so loved precious girl. It is hard to explain how much we love you when we have only met you through the 13 little pictures we have of you. Why is it that your daddy and I miss you so much it hurts? We will come for you. Someday soon we will meet you and you will meet us. We will walk hand in hand into this new life.

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